VIDEO: Challenge Accepted!

The enemies of America have thrown down a challenge and I answer!


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  1. Justin Thomas la Plante
    Justin Thomas la Plante says:

    You haven’t answered ANY challenge. You make these fake claims that some “anonymous” person challenged you to actually meet in Washington DC on inauguration day because YOU want to go there armed to the teeth and threaten the next president.
    All you are going to find in DC is the national guard who will have you sit down and shut up while the next president is inaugurated.

    Well here is a REAL challenge , you coward.

    You can meet myself or any of six other proud REPUBLICAN American gun owners who DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU OR TRUMP on a public firing range to test your skill in an honest shooting contest.

    The most accurate and fastest of 30 rounds fired wins.

    The loser has to change their facebook and website banner photo to the image of the winner’s choice for ONE ENTIRE YEAR..

    Now are you going to accept a REAL challenge or just keep deleting them from your video replies and spouting more falsified claims just to stir up hate and violence?

    YOU are the only real terrorist here and no one with an IQ above 40 is going to follow you.

  2. Justin Thomas la Plante
    Justin Thomas la Plante says:

    Thats what I thought. You are jsut a coward trying to stir up hate and terrorism. When REAL people issue you a REAL challenge to meet for an honest legal shooting contest instead of your fake claims about an armed stand off at the capitol, you cower and run away.

    THIS is why the national guard is going to be on hand to meet you in Washintgon, You will NEVER get the chance to murder your fellow Americans just because you dont like how an election turned out.

    You spineless little twerp.


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