Former Special Agent asks 15 Questions about the Voting Irregularities in Georgia

The letter below was sent to me by a former Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. – JE


I’m sure you are as concerned as many of us about the election process in many of the democratic controlled swing states as well as what is happening in our state.

I’ve lived in Georgia numerous times since the 60’s and corruption has always permeated the city of Atlanta and Fulton County.  I spent most of my time as a Special Agent with the GBI Intelligence Unit investigating this corruption.  It has gotten much worse since those days.

The GA Secretary of State has indicated that Fulton County followed normal procedures in counting votes and there was nothing fraudulent about the ballot boxes pulled from beneath tables after the announcement to stop counting for the night.  I simply cannot accept such a general explanation and don’t think any citizen should accept such a flimsy answer.

I just sent emails through the Secretary of State’s website with my concerns and specific questions that need to be answered.  I believe everyone should be bombarding them asking for specific answers.  The following is a summary of my statements and questions:

  1. Why will you not conduct a hand count comparison of the number of absentee/mail-in ballots to signed envelopes?
  2. Numerous red flags question the legitimacy of what happened after Fulton County announced vote counting was being discontinued for the night.  The entire process smells bad:
  3. Why did Fulton Election Officials continue pulling out ballot boxes from beneath tables after announcing the counting was being stopped for the night?
  4. Why were these ballot boxes concealed beneath tables when the facility was large enough to stack them in plain site?
  5. Where did these ballot boxes come from?
  6. When did they arrive at the vote counting center?
  7. Did these containers have any identification numbers on them?
  8. How were they transported to the center? Exact identification of the transport?
  9. Who brought them into the counting room? Names please!
  10. Were these boxes logged in when arriving in the counting room?  By Whom?
  11.   Please describe the exact process.
  12. What are the names of the vote counters remaining after the stop counting announcement?
  13. What are the names of the vote counters and observers that left the center after the stop counting announcement?
  14. Were there any Republicans or others observing the vote counting after the stop counting announcement?  What are their names?  Did they actually observe the individual ballots as they were counted?
  15. What was the exact distribution of votes counted between Trump and Biden during the time after the stop voting announcement?

I also made the following comments in my emails:

It doesn’t appear that you have answers to these questions.  Your explanations that there doesn’t appear to be any problem with the Fulton after hours vote counting is very weak considering the unanswered questions above.  Many voters just don’t believe your recent explanations.  Where is the DOCUMENTATION?

Please provide me with answers to my questions ASAP?  Many Georgians that I’ve been in contact with do not trust the election process and require a better explanation from our elected officials.  Failure to provide believable and provable answers will not be acceptable and we will continue to use every means possible to get to the truth.  The legitimacy of all future elections will be questioned unless the process is more transparent.”

Hope you are well,

Ken Goodnight

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