The Two Party System: Those Who ‘Get Out The Vote’ vs. Those Who ‘Go Steal The Votes’

It appears that for years one party has focused on the principle of getting out the vote. This is done at the local level where party members knock on doors and ask people to legally register to vote.

Another party has for years decided that it is easier to steal the votes using various means.

QUESTION: Guess which party uses GOTV vs. GSTV?

This idea came to me after I received an email from titled Should Trump be invited to Joe Biden’s Inauguration?

The email asks:

We CAN’T WAIT for Joe Biden’s Inauguration in January.

We know that Biden’s presidency will be the beginning of something GREAT for our country.

And there’s one thing that will make that historic Inauguration Day even sweeter — if Donald Trump ISN’T there!!

We can humiliate Trump one final time, but we need to know whether 34238 Democrats agree with our plan. So, let us know…

Vitriol is palatable. Why would anyone want to “humiliate” any president? Why would one faction want to dis-invite the outgoing president? Why, just one party that I know of.

Go Steal The Votes

There are four pillars that undergird the Democrat’s Election Fraud in 2020:

  1. Voting machines (specifically Dominion Voting).
  2. Mail-in-ballots (people like West Virginian Jeff Harshman who posted on his Facebook page, “I voted 29 times by mail in 29 different districts in battleground states. Vote Joe no matter what!!!”)
  3. Faulty voter rolls (a.k.a. dirty voter rolls) dead people voting, people voting who do not live in the state in which the ballot is counted and “ghost voters”.
  4. Failures by the USPS to either deliver ballots, failure to properly post mark ballots (in swing states) or caught intentionally destroying ballots which have been found in dumpsters.

Let’s take a serious look at each one of these four pillars that have led to massive election fraud in 2020.


On October 26, 2020 PBS News Hour did an analysis of the Dominion Voting system in Georgia, a state where the 2020 election recount is being currently disputed. The PBS analysis found the Dominion Voting system seriously flawed when compared to using a traditional paper ballot.


We first learned about what was called a “computer glitch” that flipped Trump votes into Biden votes in the state of Michigan.


But it’s much, much worse!

In one county in Michigan Joe Biden was well ahead, but the tally didn’t match with the past voting patterns. In the last 135 years the voters of Antrim County voted Republican in 32 of 34 elections. It turned out the software used in the voting machines had flipped as many as 6,000 votes. After the error was fixed, Donald Trump was 2,000 votes ahead of Biden.

Another computer glitch in Oakland County Michigan caused a similar flip. What are the odds? Strangely, it didn’t flip votes up for Trump, only down. Not so much a bug perhaps as a design feature?

The philanthropy group that worked with Dominion from 2014 – 2017  to provide “access to Voting Technology” for “emerging democracies”? The Clinton Foundation.

This voting technology may now be the largest automated system to steal an election in U.S. history.

Because of this the Republicans have asked for another 47 Michigan counties (of 83 counties) to recount their votes, but it’s worse than that.  Dominion Software is used in 30 other states across the USA, including every single “key” swinging state. Some of their machines were also reportedly faulty on the day of the election and voting hours were extended for those counties to try to help those who couldn’t vote due to the breakdown.

WATCH: #MalkinLive – Election update.

WATCH: How Democrats used the Dominion Voting system to cheat in the election.

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The First Great Election Conspiracy

They say that history has a strange habit of repeating itself. So do politicians.

The Democrats have pushed the idea that mail-in ballots are the best solution for voters. This is not a new idea, but rather just another attempt to steal an election. The first attempt to use mail-in ballots occurred during the 1864 election.

In a eye opening column in The Washington Post titled Mail-in ballots were part of a plot to deny Lincoln reelection in 1864 Dustin Waters wrote:

Traveling to Baltimore in the fall of 1864, Orville Wood had no way of knowing he would soon uncover the most elaborate election conspiracy in America’s brief history.

Wood was a merchant from Clinton County in the most northeastern corner of New York. As a supporter of President Abraham Lincoln, he was tasked with visiting troops from his hometown to “look after the local ticket.”

New York legislators had only established the state’s mail-in voting system in April with the intent of ensuring the suffrage of White troops battling the Confederate Army.

This great “election conspiracy was conducted by the Democratic Party, known as the Copperheads. The Copperheads were:

[T]he Northern wing of the Democratic Party, which opposed the Civil War. These Peace Democrats urged an immediate, peaceful settlement with the Confederacy. Many supported slavery and blamed the war on abolitionists. They argued that Southern states had the right to secede and that the federal government’s policies under President Abraham Lincoln violated the Constitution. Republican writers labeled these Democrats Copperheads to suggest that they were poisonous snakes, betraying and endangering the Union. The Democrats accepted the label, reframing it as a reference to the image of Liberty on a copper penny. In some cases, members of the group were arrested for treason, tried, and imprisoned or sent into the Confederate states.

The Copperhead Catechism refers to Fernando Wood who was New York City’s mayor, and later, a congressman. Wood was an avowed Copperhead who, in 1861, had urged the city to secede in order to maintain revenues from the cotton trade.

Read more.

Dustin Waters noted:

The results of the 1864 elections would heavily affect the outcome of the war. Lincoln and his supporters in the National Union Party sought to continue the war and defeat the Confederacy outright. Meanwhile antiwar Democrats, also referred to as Copperheads, looked for an immediate compromise with the Confederate leaders and the end of the abolition movement.

Read more.

The Second Great Election Conspiracy

Fast forward to the 2020 Presidential Election. Like their predecessors The Copperheads the Democrats have rekindled the the old, and proven fraudulent, use of mail-in ballots. Their excuse? COVID-19. The Democrats have made this pandemic and the USPS an issue to blackmail states and force them to pass legislation allowing mail-in ballots.

In a Daily Signal column titled Potential for Fraud Is Why Mail-In Elections Should Be Dead Letter Hans von Spakovsky wrote:

Absentee ballots are the tools of choice of election fraudsters because they are voted outside the supervision of election officials, making it easier to steal, forge, or alter them, as well as to intimidate voters.

Going entirely to by-mail elections would unwisely endanger the security and integrity of the election process, particularly if officials automatically mail absentee ballots to all registered voters without a signed, authenticated request from each voter.

Voter registration rolls are notoriously inaccurate and out of date, containing the names of voters who are deceased, have moved, or otherwise have become ineligible.

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October 17, 2018- Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) to discuss election integrity and how dirty voter rolls can mean dirty elections.

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ELECTION FRAUD PILLAR 4: Failures by the United States Postal Service

Project Veritas released a new video of another Brave USPS Insider who says that pro-Trump and pro-Republican mail is being ordered to be discarded while pro-Biden mail is “to be treated as first-class.”

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • Elkins Park, Pa., USPS whistleblower: “The only political mail that will be delivered from now on will be that of the ‘winner,’ in this case, Joe Biden. Other political mail from other sources and senders would be put into the undeliverable bulk business mail bin.”
  • Elkins Park, Pa., USPS whistleblower: “All political mail for Biden was to be continued to be treated as first-class and delivered the day it was received.”
  • Elkins Park, Pa., USPS whistleblower: “I think that we’re a delivery service and that [playing politics] is not really our place.”
  • Elkins Park, Pa., USPS whistleblower: “The only thing that’s going to prevent a fraudulent election is people having the courage to come forward. I wouldn’t want to say that I had the opportunity to do that and didn’t do it.”
  • Whistleblower says Elkins Park, Pa., USPS Supervisor of Customer Services Walter Lee gave the order to 30 postal workers

You can watch the full video here:

What is going on with the USPS? Since when do they decide what political mail goes out or gets discarded?

This is the third Pennsylvania USPS Insider to blow the whistle on election malfeasance in the last week. There is something going on with USPS and we must get to the bottom of it immediately.

To read all of the articles about the failures of the USPS click here.

Election fraud is real. Election fraud is a threat to our free and fair election system. Anyone who commits election fraud is an enemy of the state.


Elections in the future will be about who can steal the most votes. If this election fraud is not stop dead in its tracks then free and fair elections will become a thing of the past.

As Joseph Stalin said:

“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”

Intentionally stealing votes is worth of third world countries. Once any party will to steal an election takes power the only way to remove them from power is by  force. As the Declaration of Independence states:

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness

What Americans are witnessing is something we have never seen before. We are witnessing what I call “The Art of the Steal.” It is a parody of the title of a 1987 book credited to Donald J. Trump and journalist Tony Schwartz “The Art of the Deal.”

Today is another day where we find Democrats in large cities doing everything they can to steal the 2020 election. This is not about Trump, this is about fundamentally changing the ballot systems nationwide to favor one candidate over another.

This Art of the Steal began well before Donald J. Trump came down the escalator and announced his run for President.

Stealing elections is now become big business. 

©Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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