VIDEO: What We Should All Be Doing Right Now [Original]

The The Adley Show posted the following political satire video and commentary titled What We Should All Be Doing Right Now (Original). H/T to HL for sending it to us. Thank you Adley for telling the truth, or is it the truth?

What We Should ALL Be Doing Right Now! This was inspired by a Facebook post originally created by Sergio C. from Madrid that quickly went viral in many languages all over the Internet! He wishes his full name to be anonymous, but Sergio, you are a brilliant writer!

Thank you for sparking a conversation and laying such a relatable foundation that has been built upon and echoed all over the world! It feels amazing to share laughter with so many people across the world and bond over our uncertainty. Sometimes, it’s the only thing we CAN do.

Thanks for me letting me be a small part of your story during this time.

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