TAKE ACTION: Credit Card Companies Must Stop Processing Payments for the Exploitative Pornography Industry

This is it! Major progress in our war against Pornhub. A few days ago we reached out and let you know that Pornhub would be falling soon and it’s already happening—starting NOW!

As you are well aware, Pornhub profits off of the abuse of countless numbers of victims of child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, rape, and non-consensually produced pornography being uploaded to their website.

Just yesterday, following the groundbreaking piece in the New York Times, Pornhub announced updates to their policies in an attempt to appease critics and further delay justice and restitution for survivors (many of whom have spoken out and bravely shared their heartbreaking stories).

But it’s impossible for Pornhub to “clean up its act” because its business model—and the very content it profits from—is inherently abusive and exploitative.

The “changes” announced are merely a fraction of what needs to happen. Pornhub must not be let off the hook.

Pornhub must be shut down.

As a direct result of the work of international advocates, which has been boosted with the recent New York Times article, Mastercard and Visa have announced that they plan to investigate the atrocities hosted and facilitated by Pornhub in order to determine whether they will continue to work with the site. This is still an active fight and you can still encourage them to cut ties with the porn industry!

NOW IS THE TIME where we need you sending emails, sharing social media posts, and talking about this!

Join us in calling on credit cards companies to cease payment processing for Pornhub, and the porn industry at large! 

Contact their Executives directly with this easy-to-use action.

Email Credit Card Executives

If you haven’t already, please also contact your Members of Congress NOW! This will only take you one minute. It is so vital for Congress to hear about the issues directly from their constituents. Every email sent is a win!

Please join the National Center on Sexual Exploitation in urging Congress to:  

  1. Investigate Pornhub and #ShutItDown 
  2. Repeal CDA 230 Immunity for CSAM by passing the EARN IT Act (S. 3398 / H.R. 8454)

Email Congress

If you or someone you know has been exploited online via Pornhub, Twitter, Reddit or any other platform, please contact us. We may be able to help you seek legal action.

You are helping make great things happen, and this is just the beginning. Thank you for every action you take and every moment you spend in this fight with us!


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