VIDEO: Texas Attorney General Explains State’s Supreme Court Election Integrity Lawsuit

The latest news is the lawsuit filed by the state of Texas against the states of Michigan, Wisconson, Georgia and Pennsylvania. What is unique about this lawsuit is that it pits a state against other states. Because of this the U.S. Supreme Court must take the case and has already put it on their docket.

This case is important because it can, if the the SCOTUS sides with Texas, nullify the 62 electoral college votes controlled by these four states.

Add to this the pending lawsuits in Nevada and Arizona, which controls a combined 17 electoral college votes (AZ -11, NV-6). Currently, according to President Trump has 232 vs. Biden’s 214 electoral college votes. If Trump wins both his lawsuits in Nevada and Arizona this would bring his total electoral college votes to 349. If Trump wins only Nevada he would have 236 electoral college votes vs. 225 for Biden. Trump wins. If Trump loses both in Nevada and Arizona then Biden wins the most electoral college votes. But neither has reached the magic number of 270. So what could happen then?

If the elections in Michigan, Wisconson, Georgia and Pennsylvania are found by the SCOTUS to be null and void then their 62 votes would not count and neither President Trump nor Biden can achieve the needed 270 electoral college votes then by the U.S. Constitution it falls on the shoulders of Congress.

If  the winner of the election would be determined by the U.S. House of Representatives because each state gets one vote and Republicans control more states than Democrats, therefore Trump wins.

WATCH: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton explains the lawsuit.

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