VIDEO: Exposé on the Fraud Rev. Raphael Warnock, Democrat’s Senate Candidate in Georgia

In a National Review article titled “Raphael Warnock’s Lifelong Education in Black Liberation Theology and Radical Politics wrote:

A trained preacher and the senior pastor at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta – Martin Luther King Jr.’s church – Warnock had likely presided over hundreds of funerals by that point in his career. But this funeral, on a Monday in early May 2018, was different. It was the funeral for his mentor, James Hal Cone, the founding father of “black liberation theology” who had personally requested that Warnock deliver his eulogy.

Warnock praised Cone for his scholarship, for his passion, and for his fire. While most academics write and speak, “Dr. Cone roared.” Cone, he said, was “the best classroom teacher I ever had.”

[ … ]

As evidence of Warnock’s radicalism, critics have pointed to sermons and statements in which he has defended socialism as simply “things we have in common,” called gun-rights legislation dumb, declared that “nobody can serve God and the military,” likened Israeli tactics to those used by “apartheid South Africa,” and compared police officers to gangsters, thugs, and bullies.

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WATCH: Is Raphael Warnock Really a Radical?

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