VIDEOS: Week Two of CNN’s 9 AM Executive Calls RELEASED

Project Veritas has been releasing bombshell tapes exposing CNN’s 9 A.M. rundown calls every day.

Good news – PV has 100’s of hours of recorded CNN executive calls that we will spend the remainder of December releasing… in their raw, unedited form!

Will you help us with our mission?

For more than 10 years, Project Veritas has redefined the media by utilizing brave undercover journalists and Insiders to encourage a new generation of video reporting.

By bringing truth to light, Project Veritas will free the press, and free the people.

It is because of patriots like you that Project Veritas is able to do these investigations into Mainstream Media corruption.

By considering a donation of $25, $45, or $65 right now, Project Veritas will continue to expose partisan media hacks and bring back the truth.

The public has a right to know the truth, so step aside Fake News, Inc. WE are the media now.

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