Election Battle Update — Stay the Course!


VIDEO: The statistical improbabilities of a real Biden win.

Every Legal Vote in an email sent out the following Election 2020 update:

What is the pathway to victory? Staying the course, showing steel resolve, and focusing on the two tenets of velocity and agility to adapt to the changing situation.

I’ve been asked about the pathway over and over again. The 12th Amendment and the Constitution give general left and right guidelines but they are not an exact technical manual on process.

That’s up to us, the American People. What can you do?

  • Show steel resolve by talking to everyone you know – and ensure all state legislators and leaders are hearing from you. The six states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada are filled with fraud and these situations must be fully exposed and lawfully resolved.
  • Please go on everylegalvote.com and fill out the take action letters – very quick, very easy, very impactful.
  • Work on MagaDrags to show support for Election Integrity – Please contact the national committee asap to organize one in your area. Email: dtib@magadragtheinterstate.com
  • Get ready and participate on January 6, 2020. Trump has asked everyone to come to DC for a rally!
  • Watch Eye Opener with Michael Lewis – well done over view of the fraud and Peter Navarro’s analysis of the election fraud.

We’re also working on a rally at Chief Justice Roberts House – the Supreme Court Chief Justice has failed us. In a remarkable and unprecedented news release the Supreme Court denied allegations about his behavior. I have one brief response to John Roberts: “Mr. Chief Justice, You Lie!” to borrow from a heroic South Carolina U.S. Representative.

We were robbed in the greatest fraud in American History – by the same group that lied about Russia Gate. Soon to be former AG Barr says no misconduct by CIA in Russia Gate. And I have one thing to say to AG Barr, “Former AG Barr, You Lie!” I’m shocked by AG Barr’s comment – he knows that is a factual lie. Brennan and Comey put together a fake, Top Secret, Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), after the November 2016 assessment – I was one of the senior reviewers in DoD of this package before it went to the White House – they knew the Russia story was a fraud in the Summer of 2016 from
their admission in their own handwritten notes released by DNI Ratcliffe this summer. I and others reviewed a fake Top Secret Document in December 2016 prepared personally by Brennan and Comey – making a fake or false statement is a crime by 18 USC. Shame on you AG Barr. I trusted you until your ignorant self serving comment. I had to amend my 27 pages with Mr. Durham after the factual basis of the fake ICA became known. Myself and many others were being fooled by a willfully fake and false ICA based on a lie and willfully meant to deceive government officials.

Other Important Updates

  • County Voting Officials are not complying with court orders and are keeping evidence from the American People.
  • Is the Solar Winds Breach part of the take down of America? Who did the Solar Winds cyber attack? I feel (with some experience and knowledge of these events) the Solar Winds attack was part of the next step of the Color Revolution to cripple and topple the United States. Phase I was the China Virus, Phase II was the assault on our election process, Phase III could very well be Solar Winds and shortly a broad crippling of our critical infrastructure. And don’t believe the lie of Russia Russia Russia one more time. Russia was very likely involved – but very likely as a junior partner to the main culprit, China. And Iran and Venezuela were very likely part of the attack as weenie hut junior partners. The main game is China.
  • Something big is coming – stand by
  • Kevin Freeman does an excellent overview of the fraud and an immediate plan of action for a broad class action lawsuit – a huge and powerful action in
    taking down this fraud. Please watch.
  • Are there two Americas? You bet there are – and we are the majority – let’s be sure to act like it.

Reasonable people and courts are asking for evidence of election fraud. Many elements of compelling evidence has been presented. But much of the evidence has still not been handed over by corrupt county and state election officials. The President should invoke the September 2018 Executive Order and seize this evidence from the Counties and the States to present to the courts.

Should we re-run the election in the six states with military overview? I don’t think that’s unreasonable and absolutely should be on the table. Simply put – at this time, no President can assume the Presidency in January with this level of fraud – it must be dealt with before anyone assumes the Presidency.

And re-running the election in the six contested states should be an immediate action. If we delay the inauguration, so be it. And that doesn’t mean Nancy temporarily gets the seat. Extraordinary times and fraud require extraordinary responses – Lincoln did many such things to save the Union – it’s that time again.”Hooray for the Union, down with the traitors, and up with the stars” as Lincoln’s 1864 song went.

COL (Ret) John R. Mills
Former Director, Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs,
Office of the Secretary of Defense
on behalf of EveryLegalVote.com

©Every Legal Vote. All rights reserved.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Beijing’s bankers, globalist totalitarians (eg. Rockefellers and CFR), and federal failures like Chris Krebs are the reason we’re in the poop up to our knees. It took them years to figure this out.


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