Open Letter to Florida Senators Rubio and Scott to Contest the Electoral College Vote and the 2020 Election Fraud

Dear Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott,

We haven’t heard from either of you doing anything about the leftist criminal election fraud which has taken place.  Will you do the right thing and join others, like Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz,  in refusing to confirm the Electoral College vote in Congress?

We are urging President Trump to not concede; to stay in the fight against the massive, criminal election fraud which has occurred and to form a 3rd Party if the Obama/Biden Coup is confirmed.

President Donald J. Trump did not lose this election, therefore he must not concede!

We, the 74+ Million Trump supporters know about the massive election and voter fraud that the Obama/Biden Cabal has forced upon the election process and we will continue to fight against it.  We know President Trump won if a fair and legal election process had taken place.

He lived up to every promise made and would not let us become a Socialist State!  We want to Keep America Great and to continue on the  path of always putting America First.

If the Obama/Biden Coup succeeds in stealing this election, then we will urge President Trump to form a Trump Constitutional Party (or some such name) and we will join him right away.  We are very angry at the COWARDLY establishment, elitist, ruling class Republican Party which, with only a few exceptions, has failed to stand with President Trump and support him during this massive, criminal, election and voter fraud that the leftist socialist Democrats and their Chinese Communist Party supporters have foisted upon us.

We are also very disappointed in the 3 of the 5 supposedly conservative SCOTUS Justices who failed to act on the Texas Law Suit joined by 18 other states.  It is very clear that this election fraud situation has negated the votes of the many millions of voters in those states who voted for President Trump and they have Standing to file suit against the criminal fraud that has occurred.

We the people love and stand by our President and are urging him to  stay in the fight. We know the left has been driven by EVIL, HATE and LIES whereas our side is driven by GODLY, Biblical VALUES and TRUTH. Therefore, we know we will triumph in the end. We are proud “Deplorables” and Patriots unafraid to call ourselves nationalists not because we are racist as falsely accused by leftist lies, but because we love our country and want to continue as a nation of laws under a Constitutional Republic as intended by our Founding Fathers and our Constitution.

We are not racists because we put our God and Country first. We will not support Socialism because we believe in “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

How about you Senator Scott and you Senator Rubio – what are your positions? 

What are you doing/will you do about this criminal election fraud?

For the 400+ Members of the Conservative WH 912 Group,

Royal A. Brown III, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.)
President, Winter Haven 912

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      • Lamarre
        Lamarre says:

        If we the people sit back and take it, and allow this coup to succeed, America will never again have free and true elections. Welcome to Venezuela! Armchair quarterbacks need not apply. We are the last line of defense against tyranny. Where are you Rick Scott and Marco Rubio? Thank you Bill Posey for standing with President Trump and the American people against tyranny!

  1. Benjamin Paul Zelno
    Benjamin Paul Zelno says:

    “We the People” MUST take a stand against voter fraud and suspected treason! This is not about Republican, Democrat, or Non Party Affiliation!

    It is about preserving the integrity of our Constitutional Republic and the Electoral College on which our democracy was founded.

    We can not survive as a free nation if lies, cheating, fraud, and ultimate treason is allowed to prevail!

    Freedom is a God given right, NOT a right for government to do as fits their treason agenda!

    I’ll die fighting for it!!

  2. Lorena Acosta
    Lorena Acosta says:

    I support Trump. God be with us and that Jesus help us with Truth and Justice for Trump. Let it be God’s will. Let’s continue to pray for Trump

  3. Brad ritter
    Brad ritter says:

    Do the right thing ! Until the end! Trump won 2020 save our country! Save our world! Save our children!!!
    Do your job like he did!!

  4. Susan
    Susan says:

    We elected you to uphold our Constitution and govern with integrity under God. We expect nothing less. Time to stand firm for your country and citizens.

  5. dino sorbello
    dino sorbello says:

    This election was conducted fairly, if it wasn’t, we would know. THAT you can believe. To insist this election is fraudulent is to attack our country’s democracy. Those who attack our democracy will be noted.

    • Ana
      Ana says:

      This election had documented massive voter fraud and theft perpetrated on its people and our REPUBLIC! If we allow this to stand, we have lost our Republic, and all future elections moving forward.

      • Brigitte Schmitt
        Brigitte Schmitt says:

        60 judges listened to the evidence brought forth by the Trump legal team, mainly sworn affidavits. Many of the sworn affidavits were based on heresay, i.e. they heard someone make an allegation. Each affidavit was evaluated as to the strength of the allegation, i.e. was there other witnesses, was there corroborating evidence to support the allegations, etc. 60 judges, some Democratic, some Republican and some appointed by Trump himself, evaluated the evidence and deemed there was no credible evidence to support allegations of fraud. Some of the videos that allege suspicious activity were also evaluated and determined that no fraud was committed. It was recommended that faulty interpretations of the scene were due to a lack of understanding of the processes at the polling station and that more training was needed.
        In addition, Georgia conducted an audit of signatures on mail in ballots, all verified.
        Bottom line, NO FRAUD! Believing otherwise is to have to believe all 60 judges corrupt, as well as election officials, many of which are Republican mind you.
        I have spent too many hours on this topic trying desperately to understand why so many people believe Trump who consistently makes inaccurate and often false statements vs so many other credible sources. Then again why would anyone loan hundreds of millions of dollars to someone who has declared business bankruptcy 6x, walking away from his financial obligations time and time again. All I can say is he certainly has “the gift” for buffaloing people

        • Royal A Brown III
          Royal A Brown III says:

          Ms. Schmitt I’d like to see your source(s) documentation for this propaganda you are spewing. I can produce hundreds of links to dispute what you’ve said here.

          Here’s a clue for your lack of understanding when you state “trying desperately to understand why so many people believe Trump”. He is not a lying politician – he speaks Truth to and for the people – he has lived up to every promise he has made – he puts America First rather than being a Globalist, New World Order advocate like Romney, the Bushs, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bidens; he has fought back not only against the lying, corrupt leftist socialist Democrats but against their allies in the media who do nothing but criticize him falsely 24 X 7. You have obviously drunk their socialist cool aide so have fun when taxes on everything goes up; more and more govt control over our lives occurs; our liberties under the Bill of Rights are further reduced; our military is once again reduced to mediocrity; Communist China continues to infiltrate our govt. and buy up our mineral rights, cos, ports and influence our govt. policies and we slide over the cliff into a Socialist State !

          • Brigitte
            Brigitte says:

            Propaganda? Judge decisions are considered propaganda? vs your info right wing Youtube nonsense?
            And I drink the Kool Aid? when Trump is a known liar and cheat? But again anyone that can get people to loan him money when he filed banruptcy 6x is a pretty darn good liar. I honestly feel bad for you because you will be terribly disappointed.

      • Royal A Brown III
        Royal A Brown III says:

        Agree 100% Ana and the Republican Party will have FAILED us – will be time to encourage POTUS Trump to start a true conservative 3rd Party.

    • Royal A Brown III
      Royal A Brown III says:

      Mr. Sorbello – you couldn’t be more wrong. We are not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. As for your comment about “Those who attack our Democracy will be noted.” Just exactly what do you mean by “will be noted” – is that a Threat ?

  6. Sallie Wagner
    Sallie Wagner says:

    Marco Rubio needs courage.

    Here’s part of the email response I got from his office when I contacted him to encourage him to oppose the fraudulent electoral votes.

    Both Democratic and Republican candidates have availed themselves of these rights many times, including in this election. President Trump is well within his legal rights to pursue these rights under the law. Taking days to count legally cast votes is not fraud. Court challenges to votes cast after the legal voting deadline is not voter suppression.

    Faith in our elections is as important as the outcome. Preserving it requires not allowing the outcome to be decided by either the media or a candidate.  As I said in September, it may take longer than usual to know the outcome of this election, but it will be a valid one and at noon on January 20, 2021, we will peacefully swear in the winner of the presidential election like we have for more than two centuries.

  7. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    The media is controlling what the American public hears and believes about the election and who is truly telling lies. Be not deceived by the lack of transparency and complete reporting on behalf of the media and those who control it.

    Let freedom reign.

    • Royal A Brown III
      Royal A Brown III says:

      That would be fair as long as the audit were conducted with impecable integrity something our current national election system grossly lacks.


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