379,000 Illegal Ballots Were Cast in Michigan; Now Have “Receipts” to Prove it

Peter Navarro Says 379,000 Illegal Ballots Were Cast in Michigan

‘Within Five Seconds,’ Biden Got 141,000 Votes, While Trump Only Got 5,900

By The Election Wiz on December 21, 2020

Last Thursday, Dr. Peter Navarro released an explosive report outlining the fraud in the 2020 election. The report explained how Democrats cheated in the 2020 election in various contested states. Notably however, the report did not include a detailed breakdown of Michigan. At the time of the report, Dr. Narravo explained there was insufficient data to draw estimates of how the various types of irregularities in Michigan translate into possible illegal votes.

This morning, Dr. Navarro joined Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic. During the interview (~48:00 mark), Navarro told Bannon he now has the “receipts” for Michigan. Dr. Navarro explained that Biden’s lead in Michigan is currently alleged to be 154,000 votes.

“My top line number at this point for illegal, possibly illegal ballots, is 379,000,” Navarro said. “That’s more than twice the victory margin,” he continued.

Dr. told Bannon that figure includes about 174,384 ballots that were cast without proper voter ID verification, another 195,000 of “inexplicable vote surges,” and about 9,5000 confirmed dead voters who cast ballots.
The Narravo Report video

Navarro pointed to the timestamped data from the New York Times. He said on November 4, Trump had taken a substantial lead over Biden during a nine hour period. Navarro said that within “five seconds” at around 6:30 am ET, Biden’s vote total “skyrocketed by 141,258 votes.” Dr. Navarro said that vote surge is over 30 times the expected vote count. “Within that same time frame, do ya know how many Trump got? 5,968 [votes],” Navarro remarked.

Dr. Navarro said there was another suspicious dump at around 3:50 am ET where Biden got over 54,000 votes while Trump only garnered about 4,700 votes.

Dr. Navarro told Bannon these new receipts for Michigan show there was a “coordinated” scheme to stretch or break the law by “stuffing the ballot box.”

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