VIDEO: We’re in a communist revolution here in the USA – and 95% of the public are completely in the dark.

Counterpunch With Trevor Loudon posted the following commentary and video on YouTube:

We’re in a communist revolution here in the USA – and 95% of the public are completely in the dark.

The mainstream media will never call out communists – no matter how blatant they are. That’s why our country is being turned upside down and hardly anybody seems to know why.

Well Trevor Loudon does. After 40 years of studying communism Trevor knows a revolution when he sees one. And he knows how to fight back.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Fauci allowed $3.7 million to be sent to the Wuhan lab under Obama. There was also the NIH itself Fauci was running at the time (under Obama) where CCP operatives were stealing our intellectual property, information, and medical. Not to mention alot of the medical establishment or Big Pharma in America relies on China’s medical supplies–which has been threatened by the Chinese to be cut off. Globalists have attacked American independency on medical resources.

  2. Robin Lutz
    Robin Lutz says:

    Unless American s begin to act like the founders the Republic is lost. As a Gold Star wife I am disgusted and heartsick.

    • Dennis Ard
      Dennis Ard says:

      I have long felt that the corrupt politicians( Biden , Obama, the Clintons, Pelosi, Stalwell and numerous others of the Democratic Party(now the Amercan Communist Party) have tried to divide this country with the racism card just as Biden and Obama are doing with the antifa infiltration of a peaceful demonstration protesting the fraudulent election.


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