Why I Will Never Accept Joe Biden as the President

Agree 100% with Newt Gingrich in the article below. I too will never accept Beijing Joe Biden or Commie Harris as POTUS or Commander in Chief.  In my opinion, if this corrupt regime ends up taking office, any elected Republican who aids the transitioning of this corrupt regime into office or even attend their inauguration will signal their turncoat tendencies.

We Deplorables know that many in the elitist, ruling class, establishment, power positions within the Republican Party are RINO globalist NeverTrumpists who did not stand up for President Trump during the past 4 years of his many great accomplishments and delivered promises. It is obvious President Trump upset their old failed establishment political ways far too much. They are cowards who didn’t thwart the constant resistance by leftists’ their lies and deceit topped off by a monstrous, deliberate and easily proven election fraud.

Like many I know, I’ve voted in every election since eligible and been an activist for our Constitutional Republic and its values as a long time member of the Republican party.  Also, like many of my veteran brothers in arms, we served in opposition to communism during our tenure in the military in my case, 25 years on active duty.  Anyone who loves our country supported POTUS Trump’s MAGA, America First and KAG policies.  With POTUS Trump in office, we were on our way to restoring our Constitutional Republic and protecting our liberty.

Now, as we stand on the brink of becoming a socialist; even a Communist nation in many ways,  I realize the Republican Party and those who claim to love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness yet did not vote for or worse, actually worked against efforts to re-elect POTUS Trump have failed us.

Therefore; I personally am all for POTUS Trump starting a 3rd, true conservative party which lives up to its promises and values and  I’ll gladly join if he does.  I submit most of the 75M who voted for POTUS Trump know he actually won this election in a landslide if not for systemic election fraud by the left especially in PA, WI, MI, GA & AZ  aided by the Chinese Communist Party and their deliberately introduced virus and those in the Republican Party, the DOJ, the FBI, the Intel community and other Deep Staters who did not support him or outright opposed him including the fight against election fraud.

“Those who have failed to fight against Evil are actually in league with Evil.”   Follow the $ trail to the root of most of this evil.

Call me Infuriated and Exasperated!

Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president

Unwillingness to accept election result grows out of a level of outrage unlike anything previously experienced

– – Monday, December 21, 2020

A smart friend of mine who is a moderate liberal asked why I was not recognizing Joe Biden’s victory.

The friend made the case that Mr. Biden had gotten more votes, and historically we recognize the person with the most votes. Normally, we accept the outcome of elections just as we accept the outcomes of sporting events.

So, my friend asked why was 2020 different?

Having spent more than four years watching the left #Resist President Donald Trump and focus entirely on undoing and undermining the 2016 election, it took me several days to understand the depth of my own feelings.

As I thought about it, I realized my anger and fear were not narrowly focused on votes. My unwillingness to relax and accept that the election grew out of a level of outrage and alienation unlike anything I had experienced in more than 60 years involvement in public affairs.

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  1. Deborah Stai
    Deborah Stai says:

    I too have voted since old enough, I’m 67 yrs old. My husband was career army 23 yrs, served Desert Storm and Baghdad. I was for taking out Hussein and his horrible sons but not staying there. I believe President Trump has done much to bring our troops home, no wars. He takes the bad guys out by destroying their airports, their munitions and hits the bad guys directly where they are. Our defense is better than ever. I saw too many American soldiers from Baghdad and Afghanistan come home with no legs, no arms, too many of them. I remember all of the funerals. George Bush was wrong how he handled it. I’m a patriot, I wanted revenge on 9/11. But Bush did it wrong,
    It’s one of the reasons President Trump ran in 2016. Biden will send our troops back over, at the bidding of Europe. They’d rather our soldiers in harms way than their own.
    Biden nor Harris will ever be my President. The election was stolen, I know it and 75 million conservatives know that. The old Republican swamp needs to lose at the polls, their constituents I hope and Pray will find conservatives to run against the old swamp republicans in office. I have one in my own state who I hope will eventually get replaced. But I also know I have to pay attention to local elections in my state as it starts locally and throughout my State. Call your county Republican Party.
    God Bless America.


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