22,685 Trump Votes MISSING In Cambria County, PA

22,685 votes missing in Cambria County PA’s website for Trump, while Biden’s is perfect

Last time the CAMBRIA County reported votes was on Wednesday Nov. 11th 2020 at 21:50:46, ( 9:50 p.m. ) as you will see in the numbers from spreadsheet below taken from the data download with the detail of the County’s 125 Precincts

Thanks to Edward Solomon I downloaded the raw data available and just worked with Cambria County ( Download at https://gofile.io/d/qZcQl6 ) ; placed the data in an Excel spreadsheet and ordered the data by date and time and took the accumulated votes for the 125 precincts from the last time available and then compared it with the data at the Cambria County PA’s website.

(For each reporting time you will find in the original data download the 125 precincts accumulated total for each candidate )

If you add up the votes from the last reported time the votes were: Trump 70,777 and Biden 21,749.

Now, it Cambria County’s website you can see below that the votes for Biden are 21,749 , the same as votes as the sum of the precinct votes from spreadsheet . So, you would think two things: a) because the totals match for Mr. Biden in the website and the spreadsheet, it means the downloaded data is correct, b) then the data should also match for Mr. Trump’s votes

BUT NO, Mr. Trump’s votes are different the totals from spreadsheet are 70,777 vs the Cambria’s website that shows 48,092.

There is a difference of 22,685 between the reported votes and official votes on the County’s web site.

PA Cambria pa missing votes(1)

You can also look at the lines here.

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  1. YoSki
    YoSki says:

    Wow!!! Consistent with with what the Trump team uncovered. In Wisconsin something similar happened where Biden got 86% of the 3rd party vote. This is so blatant that it sickens me. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mauricio Hernandez
    Mauricio Hernandez says:

    This is stupid. Clearly the column that the author thought was the number of votes for Trump is actually the total number of votes for all candidates.Here are the votes as reported by Cambria: Biden: 21,749, Trump: 48,092, Jorgansen: 759, Write-in: 177
    TOTAL: 70.777 <= That's the total number of votes, not the votes for Trump.


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