A Report on 2020 State Presidential Vote Dumps

We’ve all heard stories about hard-to-explain vote spikes in the 2020 Presidential election. Although I’ve seen a few reports reference some limited examples of these, I’m not aware of an investigation that looked at a wide range of states to see how prevalent these anomalies are.

Although some of these spikes (aka dumps) could have a legitimate explanation, considering the rest of the evidence that has now been exposed, it’s likely that these are another example of malfeasance by bad actors.

Since our Team is up for another vote integrity challenge, we decided to do a report on this one topic.

I can definitely say that it was the most time-consuming report we’ve done to date. One reason is that the Edison vote data (the supposed gold standard of vote info) has substantial variations in it, from revision date to revision date. Furthermore, the latest revision is not necessarily the most accurate.

In any case our newest report just got posted online, so please pass it on.

Add this to our collection of multiple election efforts, including:

Our Pennsylvania Report,

Our Claudia Tenney Report (NY22),

My post-Electoral College commentary: When Will the Fat Lady Sing?

Other reports on Georgia, Wisconsin, etc.,

As always, if corrections are needed, I’ll do an update of the post.

TY for your support. Hopefully our report will give several federal legislators some courage to take an uncompromising stand for election integrity.

PS — I often get asked what are the best other election-related reports out there. Although I don’t claim to have done exhaustive research on other reports, here are some of my favorites:

  1. The Nevada Report by attorney Jesse Binnall.
  2. The Antrim Michigan (Dominion) Report done by Russ Ramsland.
  3. The Immaculate Deception Report by Peter Navarro.
  4. A Judicial Watch Study that concluded that 353 US counties have more registered voters than people eligible to vote.
  5. Here is an interesting compendium of actions and claims. Here is another interesting  collection. And yet another. There is loads of concrete information in those collections, but it would take awhile to sort through them all.
  6. Lastly you might want to do searches over the 2020 archives of my Newsletter, where I referenced over a hundred articles and reports about the election mess. They include fascinating ones like this that I never heard a resolution of.


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