PROOF: Desperate Cover-Ups Prove Criminal Conspiracy to Overthrow Election

“Where’s the proof?” the MSM collectively chants, while pocketing their “mockingbird” blood money. Well, now we’ve got plenty. In addition to the bounty of evidence the media continues to ignore, we now have the most helpful evidence to ever inform any investigation: sloppy cover-ups by the criminals themselves.

In a word, the “proof” can be found in the many disparate “cover-ups” surrounding Dominion voting machines.

One by one, every warehouse, every repository of impounded equipment containing proof of Dominion’s widely documented, top-down role in awarding states to Joe Biden fraudulently — is attacked, raided, or destroyed, along with the proverbial “paper trail” leading inexorably to justice for these most seedy of crooks: the men willing to sell out America, for money. Judas would blush. Benedict Arnold would marvel at the audacity.

Dominion’s own IT chief is a documented member of ANTIFA who was observed saying he’d fixed the election to ensure a loss by Pres. Donald J. Trump. Dominion’s own manuals promote the ability to change vote tallies after the fact, as a desirable feature of their software. Dominion training videos show company employees instructing poll workers in the means of cheating and switching votes.

There’s more. Every state where Dominion equipment was used reported mathematically IMPOSSIBLE vote surges 100% for Joe Biden all between 10 pm and 3 am, and all supplying the exact number of votes needed to break Trump’s sizable leads in those states. Still not convinced?

Then, consider that when polls closed, Trump led in every one of those states. What happened? Dominion happened. The witching hour struck, and “presto,” Dominion machines logged voodoo Biden landslides (with higher support than even Obama received in 2012) in every one of the states in question.

Moreover, in excess of half (greater than 60%) of precincts were “reporting” (that means “all done counting”) in each of those states when polls closed, making the bumps for Biden wholly impossible without accepting voter fraud as the explanation.

For example, Michigan’s 100k+ votes for Biden at 3 am all came from Detroit precincts showing 0% of registered voters. This is in spite of counties needed to win the state all going for Trump in 2016, and all going for Trump in 2020 — with even higher turnout this year. But 100k votes from 0% of registered voters and all mail-in, and all for Biden and none for Trump logged on Dominion machines — and we are supposed to believe the blue-collar counties which turn the state blue or red suddenly don’t matter? “Nothing to see here”? “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain; the great and powerful Oz has spoken.” Funny, the “wizard” of Oz was an old geezer with borderline dementia and a penchant for lying his ass off, too.

Dominion knows it is in deep water. But the smart(matic) move would’ve been to stay quiet, not give critics any more ammo, and make the FBI obtain subpoenas for every additional piece of incriminating evidence sought by Trump. Like an episode of “Columbo,” however, Dominion just couldn’t handle the heat, couldn’t take the stress. Dominion leadership just couldn’t keep their nerve. They made a “run” for it, so to speak, and in more ways than one.

Some examples include: Blowing up warehouses in Nashville, wiping the machines in Georgia in time for the runoff, moving its corporate offices multiple times and changing its DBA — all since the US election was concluded. In short, Dominion is engaged in a huge number of overt, in-our-faces, blatant cover-ups. But far from “covering” anything “up,” these actions signal desperation, and above all, prove Dominion is guilty.

Dominion might as well have signed a confession, and turned states evidence. Dominion’s actions arguably prove that its corporate officers, and by extension, the entire Democratic party / Biden machine, perpetrated massive and historic vote fraud on the American people.

In the animal kingdom, there are species that cannot see their prey unless the prey moves. If there is no flight, there is no dinner for some of nature’s predators. But like the quail in the Disney classic “Bambi,” who nervously exclaims, “I can’t take it! I can’t take it!” before flying into a hunter’s line of fire, Dominion was unable to wait out the inquest, to gracefully accept the discomfort of “hiding in plain sight.” In its efforts to conceal criminal conspiracy, Dominion has unwittingly made itself an easy target for Trump’s metaphorical “buckshot.” And Trump is taking aim.

Thanks Dominion, for confirming what we already knew: your company perpetrated an unparalleled, unprecedented, and historically unmatched criminal conspiracy against the American people to destroy their voice and steal their vote.

Smoking guns this obvious used to belong in a Woodward and Bernstein blockbuster. Too bad, since those schmucks sold out. Pamela Geller has all the moral high ground these days. Let’s hope her next book thoroughly unravels the mess that is the 2020 US presidential election.

EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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