I wrote the 1984 follow-up, it’s called “2021”


The Biden administration’s Department of Justice has tasked the FBI to assess what the greatest dangers facing America are today. The intelligence agencies handed over their ‘dossier’, which concluded that white supremacists posed a very significant terrorist threat.

The issue was presented to White House lawyers, who drafted an anti-terrorism bill – as they did after 9/11 – which quickly won a majority in the House and then in the Senate, and was signed into law by President Biden.

From then on, and without waiting for trials, arrests and surveillance operations, Silicon Valley became active, as did all the largest American companies that jostled each other to point out how virtuous they are.

Without the slightest difficulty, BigTech blacklisted all pro-Trump supporters – nearly one hundred million people:
  • 74 million who voted for him,
  • 12 million teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 (there are 25.1 million of them),
  • A few million pro-Trumpers who, on principle, never vote,
  • Illegal pro-Trump migrants – mostly Hispanics – because Trump freed the economic forces and allowed them to find work,
  • A few million people who are not particularly pro-Trumpers, but at one time or another, have published messages praising a decision President Trump made.
  • Sunni American Muslims who were delighted with the President’s draconian measures against Shiite Iran,
  • Chinese migrants who fled communist China,
  • Korean expatriates who saw a glimmer of rapprochement with Kim and a thaw in relations with North Korea,
  • And, of course, the millions of Democratic energy workers who have found work, thanks to the deregulation of the Trump administration.


With the click of a mouse, Amazon provided a list of every person – home address, email, phone number – who bought a MAGA cap or flag, every person who ordered a book from a conservative author;

The Trump Campaign email server provided the email address of each person who subscribed to the Trump Newsletter.

Google, with the click of a mouse in Google map, compiled a list of people who have attended Trump’s rallies in each State.

Comcast compiled a list of all the people who watch Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham on FoxNews at night.

As a reminder, the most anti-Trump news channels belong to Comcast: NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA Network, NBCSN, and E! and have actively participated in the demonization of President Trump for 4 years.

Verizon also provides Comcast’s MVNO mobile operator… With the click of a button, Verizon, thanks to the geolocation of their cell phones, compiled a list of all subscribers who have attended pro-Trump marches and demonstrations, as well as rallies.


Suspending the President of the United States account – an act of extreme seriousness – is only a sample of what was coming.
Because the Department of Justice and Congress have established that domestic terrorism must be fought, the people on the blacklist have been blacklisted by Silicon Valley:
  • We can no longer order a Uber; nor an electric scooter; nor buy on Amazon; nor, during the Coronavirus containment, order our meals on GrubHub or Uber Eats.
  • Speaking of coronavirus, we were forced to get vaccinated to receive a green passport to travel. However, as we are on the blacklist, the airline companies have put us on their No Fly List: we cannot fly anymore because we represent a terrorist risk. Note: Islamists can board a plane, they are not on the blacklist.
  • The banking services have canceled our credit cards. We have to pay everything in cash, but a new law requires to show an ID for any purchase over $25, and vendors have been ordered to register the names of customers on a site managed by Google. The banks have not yet canceled our bank accounts because of ongoing lawsuits by civil rights organizations. These organizations are under constant IRS audits. As a consequence, it is impossible for us to make online purchases, even to order a meal from local restaurants.
  • We have been fired from our companies, and our children can no longer enroll in universities.
  • Finally, Comcast instructed Xfinity to terminate our Internet access, our TV package, and Verizon and T-Mobile terminated our cell phone lines.


  • For some time now, we have not been able to buy phones from Apple, and we have turned to the used market, but recently, a new law was passed that forces any seller to ask for an ID from any phone buyer, and to check on the federal list if we are not blacklisted. And, of course, anyone selling a phone to a person representing a domestic terrorist risk is subject to a very heavy fine.
  • The electric-car market is not forbidden to us, but since we are on the blacklist, we cannot start them: they no longer have an ignition key but a fingerprint sensor. You will tell me, who needs an electric car anyway… you just forgot one little detail: The Green New Deal.
  • The Green New Deal was voted. Two third of the country’s gas stations were removed because according to the law, the distance between two stations cannot be less than 400 miles. A Green Tax raised the gasoline price and is cost now $50 per gallon. Finally, the Senate voted a $300 CO2 tax per month included in our car insurance premium: driving a gas-powered car is therefore not prohibited, the law could not be overturned by the Supreme Court.
  • The same goes for our right to bear arms. Since this right is protected by the Constitution, it could never be abolished. Because we are on the blacklist of terrorist risk, we cannot buy a weapon. Moreover, those who have the right to own one must, according to the latest federal law, store it at home in a safe. They have to be completely dismantled, and the bullets cannot be in the same safe. Of course, the safes must now be connected to the internet all the time, like the cameras in our house or the Ring on our front doors.

They established a public list of potential risks of domestic terrorism, the same kind than sex offender lists. It includes all white supremacists – I mean, all those who are not Democrats: black Republicans are also classified as white supremacists!

With this list, it has become almost impossible for us to rent a unit in the neighborhoods of our choice.

Now we remember with nostalgia the good days when we were only suspended from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks: those were the good times after all. At least we still had a Gmail account. Now Google has removed our Gmail address, and others have followed: it is no longer possible for us to have an email address, we are limited to snail mail. And it has become almost impossible for us to get information.


Clandestine printing houses and rotary presses have been set: they are all mechanical so they cannot be monitored. The market for manual typewriters has exploded – we buy them second-hand because the sellers are not required to identify the buyers – at least for the time being. The public phone booths are all very clean and very well maintained – we do it ourselves. It’s our preferred method of communication: from booth to booth, changing regularly, and at preset times.

In the last election, Democrats won the presidency, Congress, and the governorship of all states by 96.56 percent. The Republicans got 2.13 percent. Turnout was 137.6 percent.

Rare echoes of fraud were heard here and there, but the individuals who made these accusations were immediately classified as conspirators, and the FBI raided their homes.

The FBI issued a report saying there was no voter fraud.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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