PEOPLE WILL DO WHAT THEY DO: The Story of Nervous Nancy

I am proud to come from Baltimore despite the crime and theft

we’re proud of our folks even the ones that left

Lord knows it’s poor and nothing fancy

And for us Dems we’re proud of our feisty Nancy.


But from the time she moved to the San Francisco estate

She seems to see herself as the Queen of hate

Every time she attacks our President Trump

It is like she is taking all our votes to throw in the dump.


She keeps saying that Trump thinks he is above the law

But our Nancy made her hair-stylist break the lockdown, ha, ha

Impeaching the President is more important than reigning in the Chinese

Of course her husband and Joe Biden both are into the sleaze.


She loves to keep impeaching the President until his last day

But about the riots of Antifa and BLM she had nothing to say

To those who tore down Baltimore’s Columbus statue

Her brilliant response was that “People will do what they do.”

©Howard Rotberg. All rights reserved.

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    People still walk around thinking masks are protecting them and want to force everyone else to wear one against their will. Yet they are silent for the dogs or animals that roam the streets without one. These people are neo-totalitarians waiting to send us to the greenzone gulags thinking they’ll get some special position in the politiburo after the CCP’s taken over.

  2. Bob
    Bob says:

    Meanwhile suffocating babies and killing kids post-birth is legalized in states that left the elderly for dead in the nursing homes


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