The Beginning of the End of the American Experiment Has Begun

M.G., a reader, sent us an email titled “The beginning of the end of the American experiment has begun.”

WATCH: Democratic Party is planning a war on half of America

Here is what M.G. said:

When I saw the troops gathered in Washington, D.C. this week, and the fences with razor wire on top, a shiver went up my spine. I had seen this before, but never in any western democracy.

Does anyone reading this really think that the 26,000 armed troops we are seeing in the nation’s capital, authorized to use their deadly weapons, and the barriers they are building, are justified by any objective possibility of violence on January 20? If you think so, I have a beach-house in Malibu I’d like to give you.

Balderdash. On January 6, there were tens of thousands of peaceful attendees at the rally. President Trump had conducted dozens of rallies all summer and fall without a single act of violence. A few hundred at the most violated the Capitol and there were three deaths directly related to the violence and about three more indirectly related.

In the meantime we had vicious violence, looting and burning in THIRTY ONE cities across the country over the last six months, and no such attempts to quell the deadly violence.

Nope. This has little to do with any expectations of violence. What’s really going on is the new American Socialist/Communist regime is showing the world how their opposition will be crushed from here on just like their ideological allies do in China or Cuba or Venezuela.

Our legal system already works like a Banana Republic, and our electoral process has been corrupted as state executive branches in the four key swing states have usurped the Constitutional mandate for Legislatures to conduct elections. That’s illegal but the guardians of the Constitution, the SCOTUS dismissed the Texas lawsuit on the basis of “standing” even though every single American has standing in anything to do with electing a President.

What we’re seeing is that the new Socialist/Communist regime, its propaganda department legacy media, and its oligarch allies in the Big Tech are planning to crush any dissent, just as they do in the communists they admire.

On CNN and MSNBC the lap dogs of the Socialist/Communist are calling for their opponents to be “deprogrammed”! Just like their ideological ancestors did in the old Soviet Union.

Did I mention the new regime in Washington, D.C. is Socialist/Communist?

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