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If you watch any of the mainstream media, meaning the Marxists, you’ll notice the astonishing amount — and it truly is an astonishing amount — of misinformation.

For example, just in politics, the Marxists are more than happy to just push on pretending the 2020 election was perfectly legitimate — as though 80 million Americans went out to vote for Biden in the face of boatloads of evidence to the contrary.

Joe Biden did not win the election, period.

But thanks to the massive amount of misinformation, he and others get to pretend he did. He didn’t. And no amount of playacting changes that. Talk about the emperor having no clothes. The Biden administration is that fairy tale come to real life.

But in this Vortex, it is the larger topic of misinformation itself, as its own thing, we’d like to touch on.

Since Campaign 2020 really heated up last fall and then, getting really intense in the aftermath, Church Militant has been contacted by countless non-Catholics who recognize the truth of what we talk about politically.

They are men of goodwill — people who recognize truth, if even somewhat dimly — because they are committed to wanting to know the truth, wherever it takes them. Goodwill, in fact, is precisely what the process of conversion begins with.

Here’s a little side story if you will permit me.

My father, Russ Voris, grew up as a Nazarene in southwestern Ohio. He converted to Catholicism a few years after marrying my mother. God rest both their souls.

I asked him once in my youth about being at one time Protestant and what he thought of people of goodwill who are Protestant today. I was struck by his answer — one of those “never forget” comments. He said, “Even though my Mother, Michael, was Protestant, it was from her that I first learned about Jesus and the Bible. Without her, I might never have eventually found the One True Faith.”

His answer was so beautiful, it cemented in my mind.

He went on to tell me about when he was in the process of converting and he took his mom, my grandmother, into the local Catholic Church where he was taking instruction. He walked her around, pointing out and trying to explain the Stations of the Cross and candles lit before statues and all that sort of thing. He told me her response was, “Oh, Russell, it’s all so pagan — praying to statues and so forth, worshiping bread.”

And then my dad added to me, “She just didn’t know. Everything or most of what she knew about the Church was just wrong. She was misinformed.”

And this story is what I’d like to ask you to ponder for a moment or two — misinformation. The point of misinformation is to create a pretend world, a fake universe, an alternate reality. That’s why CNN and the rest of them are so proficient at it.

80 million people didn’t vote for Biden. Votes were added to his totals in key battleground states. Likewise, a heck of a lot more than 75 million voted for Trump. Votes were subtracted from his total in those same states.

So an alternate world now exists. The man who is president should not be. And the man who should be is not.

In this alternate world, many horrible things will happen. And though it may seem simple, we must ask ourselves the question: In an alternate world, what precisely is alternated from? Simple questions come with a simple answer — truth.

Misinformation begets an antipathy for truth. Over time, that antipathy grows so deep and intense that the truth is nearly impossible to discern. The misinformation gets repeated so often with such regularity that the alternate world begins to appear as the real world.

Hold on to that thought now for a moment and let’s move into the realm of the theological.

Misinformation about Our Blessed Lord, repeated often enough with enough regularity, can create an actual antipathy toward the truth about Him.

This is what my father was saying to his mother, God rest her soul. I pray for her eternal rest every day without ever having met her. She died before I was born.

There is an ocean of misinformation out there about Christ, simply accepted by not only Protestants but also many Catholics — Catholics who were poorly instructed over the past 60 years — for which yes, many bishops will be burning in Hell.

In this Vortex, Church Militant would like to extend an invitation for Protestants and poorly instructed Catholics — all of whom are living in an alternate universe regarding Our Lord — to embark with us on a friendly mission of discovering the fullness of Christ.

Every honest believer in Christ must know at the bottom of his heart that all this division among the baptized is a deception of the Devil. For all men of goodwill, we ask you ponder this. Really ponder it.

Communism has come to America for the simple reason that Christ’s followers are divided. This is what division brings. It brings Antichrist. The nation can never be won back until Christianity is once again united. Too many evils have been allowed to proliferate by both Protestants and poorly trained Catholics.

While it is necessary to formulate and execute political plans, a truly honest man will admit — if only to himself — that if all involved do not have an authentic understanding of Christ, that plan will fail. It is a spiritual war that is raging. Politics is only the arena where the war is playing out, but it is a spiritual war, at the close of the day.

The challenge in coming to break free of the misinformation is that things internally will have to change. Certain admissions of being wrong will have to be made — not wrongs born of malice, but born of ignorance coming from misinformation. It’s difficult to admit fault. It’s even more difficult to admit you’ve been fooled.

This Vortex is for all men of goodwill, whether you’re a poorly trained Catholic (of which the vast majority are), or an Evangelical, or non-denominational or Baptist or whatever. There is no division in God, and therefore there cannot be within His body on earth. The cracks, the spits, the divisions are where the serpent has slithered in. These cracks must be located, addressed and sealed shut.

It’s going to be a tough job, but we are inviting any men of goodwill to look at the world around us and ask: Could all of this come about because I was sold a bill of goods? If your answer is yes, then the only Christlike response is to go on a hunt for the truth. There can be no other authentic response.

Many thousands of you have signed up to be Premium members of Church Militant, especially in the wake of the devastation now facing the nation and the world.

We have too many productions to even keep track of — thousands of hours. So we are going to recommend certain programs for you to watch and think about as you embark on this truth-seeking mission.

The first is a documentary we produced called God’s Lamb: Tracing the Theological History of the Eucharist — the central point of Catholicism. Please — if you are Premium, watch it. The link is below.

If you are not, please sign up and watch it.

Those who want to see justice reign in the land cannot be divided by competing understandings of Jesus Christ.

We are all in this work together, so let’s get together and profess the same Faith in its fullness.

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