VIDEO: The World Just Changed — Now, the war begins.


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This is the day the world changed. It’s best to simply own up to that and get down to the business of changing it back. Recall that, in 2016, the Marxist forces that thought Hillary had it all sealed up were thrown into chaos and despair at Trump’s victory. All that they had so desperately labored for, put into place, worked like termites to destroy, was suddenly brought to an abrupt halt.

They spent about two or three weeks in mourning, wondering and lamenting what went wrong, how it went wrong. And they got back up off the mat and started getting organized. And boy, did they ever organize, setting out on a four-year witch hunt to destroy Trump, and when that didn’t work, they stole an election.

Okay, so here we all are today, the beginning of a very dark winter, and then some. So now what? Well, to begin with, realize that we have lost about two months compared to the 2016 Marxist Democrats. We foolishly thought that simply having mountains of evidence proving the steal would be sufficient.

We’d get our day in court; word would spread like wildfire; the GOP would step forward and do the right thing; judges would do their job — all of it. And every single entity we put our trust in completely and utterly betrayed us — before, during and after the election.

We essentially wasted two months in a delusional hope (two months that the Democrats did not in 2016), waiting for this day to come and that somehow, someway, the illegitimately “elected” Biden would not take the oath. It was somewhat of a reasonable hope, one based on an expectation that people who had sworn to uphold the Constitution as well as the duties of their offices would, in fact, do so. They didn’t.

So here we are, betrayed and angry — betrayed by both the hierarchy and public leaders. But amidst the betrayal and anger, there is one shining truth: We are the wiser and now comprehend the entire depth of the evil swamp — Church as well as State.

Even President Trump didn’t grasp that, perhaps until it was too late. He absolutely understood the goal of the communist bastards in the Democratic Party was to make America socialist. He even made a point of it in his State of the Union speech. What he (and let’s be truthful here, we) had not sufficiently understood was the massive penetration into the Republican party that various cowards and eventual traitors had made.

When the chips were down, they showed their true colors. Now, for faithful Catholics, this has been true for decades: The betrayal of us, not to mention Our Lord, by our bishops has been a daily reality for anyone willing to look at it (not to mention the betrayal by bishops of faithful priests as well).

To look at these two sets of betrayal as somehow unrelated would be willing blindness at this point. For decades, American bishops assisted the Marxists up the ladder of power (many of them being turncoat Catholics), and that applies to not just the politicos.

They let them claim to be Catholic, played footsie with them, pretending that immigration was just as important as chopping and slicing up a child in the womb. They gave them sacrilegious Holy Communion like candy and went along with virtually every single step of their agenda, all in a phony virtue-signaling attempt to pretend they care about the poor and advancing social justice.

Judas is the patron saint of social justice; never forget that. But they spent everlasting amounts of time covering up for each other’s sexual proclivities, rape of altar boys and stealing from the faithful to pay outrageous legal bills to protect themselves from being imprisoned. And now they are declaring bankruptcy to freeze their assets and files from becoming discovered.

So if you are an American patriot and a faithful Catholic, you’ve been betrayed not once, but twice. We have a two-front war to fight. So we better get to fighting it. Any good fight requires a good battle plan, which means structure, discipline, communication and organization.

It means never taking your eye off the prize, with everything you do being a way to advance the ball down the field. Period. And a word here — Church Militant has no desire to be associated with people who don’t grasp the imminent threat to your souls and liberty and who aren’t willing to change their lives accordingly.

As we said before, the good guys have been way too passive. Signing petitions and thinking you’ve done something real is stupid and a waste of time. “Liking” a headline is, likewise, completely futile. While too many good guys were clicking and liking, the Marxists were out in the streets, knocking on doors, taking over the institutions of power, and anything else you can name.

They became so powerful that, we must admit, the war we are about to engage in may simply not be winnable, at least not in earthly, temporal ways. But that doesn’t mean it must not be fought. In fact, that it is this desperate means precisely that it must be fought. It must be fought with our intellects and our gumption.

We must commit to it totally, just as the Marxists did for decades. They were relentless, and so must we be. Life as we understood it and lived it is now over. If there is any hope of any restoration, this must involve every bit of energy we can throw at it. Again, that’s what they did.

Let’s start with organization and communication, something you will notice the Marxists are racing to deny us the opportunity to do. Whatever you want to say about the ongoing purge, it’s a good strategy on their part. So, as we said last week, stop acting like the world hasn’t changed, like you can just do what you used to do.

While we were all comfortable and living “the American Dream,” they were hard at work laying the groundwork to destroy America and the Church. In various ways, Church Militant has seen all this coming. We were actually afraid of it in 2016 but obviously were relieved when we were spared. The storm petered out.

But a more ferocious one gathered off the coast and reached landfall last November. So all of this means someone has got to step up, someone who has the understanding, the insight and the presence to speak to it. Church Militant videos have been viewed tens of millions of times and our footprint has grown substantially in the past three years. At first, we were mocked. They aren’t mocking anymore.

No one has pursued the intersection of religion and politics like we have — no one. Some other (perhaps) well-intentioned Catholic groups were simply late to the game, some even trying to capitalize on the drama. Likewise, some well-intentioned conservative media outlets have simply failed to understand that behind all of this is a spiritual war, and if you don’t have that understanding, you’ll never do anything more than simply report the news.

Only Church Militant has understood the dual nature, the dual reality of what’s going on, and that understanding has dictated our every move, whether it’s been our election coverage during the campaign or our reporting on the globalist view of multiple churchmen.

It’s one giant war, but it’s being fought on two fronts, and unless you are experts in each, you’re going to miss the big picture. So what we are saying is this: We are asking you to join Church Militant in the fight and help us be the tip of the spear in the restoration of both Church and State.

We want to be the source where you come for everything — Church and Nation. We lead the Rosary every morning along with morning prayer at 8 ET. You should be praying with us if at all possible. We churn out information every day in multiple programs, soon to be culminating in our weekday Church Militant Evening News, for which we have been preparing for months. That debuts on Monday, Feb. 8 at 6:30 p.m. ET.

We are moving away from the Marxist-dominated social media platforms and going onto whatever is available, but most importantly, we are asking you to get proactive and come to our website. Sign up to receive our emails. Join our Church Militant Resistance, which has thousands of members all over the country. Get active. Channel your justified anger.

Come to the site every day; tune into our programs. Fight for the truth with whomever will give you an ear. Organize rallies at your local chancery. Organize rallies and team with others to get these treasonous, backstabbing RINOs flushed from office. And prayer should be integral to all of those public scenes.

Primary any of them that did not do the right thing, which, frankly, is almost all of them. Likewise, CINOs — Catholics in name only, the Catholic equivalent of RINOs — need to be purged as well.

Now obviously, bishops can’t be voted out of office, but they can be frustrated by faithful laity at every turn. Every bishop hates bad publicity because it touches their bottom line. They, for the most part, are the wimpiest men you will ever encounter. Again pray that the successors of the Apostles, at least some of them, will respond to the grace you are asking to be imparted.

For too long, they have caved to the pressure put on them by fake Catholics. Well, it’s high time they start hearing loudly from faithful Catholics.

In truth, many of them should have resigned long ago, but they’ve profited from your ignorance. Enough is enough in both the culture and the Church. Too few leaders have stepped forward to fight all this. Support Church Militant, and help us take the lead: For God, Church and Country!

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