VIDEO: Newsmax Joins Cancel Culture as it Attempts to Silence Mike Lindell

Sheesh!  Just when you thought there might be one major news outlet that had some backbone, along comes this story.

Apparently Newsmax is running scared that Dominion is going to sue them.

Or, maybe they too have voluntarily joined the effort to silence anyone who says a word about the Great 2020 Election Steal.

From Gateway Pundit (which presumably you have added to your daily reading list):

WATCH: Newsmax Host Has Mike Lindell on to Talk About Tech Censorship — Ends Up Censoring Him As Well — Then Storms Out of Studio

Newsmax host Bob Sellers had My Pillow founder Mike Lindell on his show to talk about big tech censorship — then ended up censoring him as well.

Lindell was appearing on “American Agenda” to discuss the fact that he and his company were both recently banned from Twitter.

The segment was supposed to be focusing on big tech tyranny and censorship, but Sellers ultimately ended up doing the very thing that his show was attempting to criticize.

As Lindell began to explain why he was silenced on social media — his belief that the election was rigged and that Dominion Voting Machines played a role in it — Sellers promptly jumped in to read a prepared statement about how Newsmax accepts the election results.

After back and forth as Sellers talks over Lindell….

“Can we ask our producers, can we get out of here please?” Sellers says before getting up and walking off air.

More here.

Lindell is one brave man.  And, apparently efforts by Biden’s supporters to kill his company are not working as patriots are rushing to buy his products.

I’m back to my original wish—that President Trump starts his own media empire and hire the best investigative reporters money can buy.

In the meantime, you can do your bit!

said yesterday, that all of you must find ways to keep talking!  Write a blog, get on any social media you can, write letters to editors, send e-mails to your friends.  Do NOT let them make you shut up!

Oh, and don’t forget to buy something directly from the My Pillow Guy!

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