In Effort To Appeal To Socialists, Mike Lindell Introduces ‘OurPillow’

CHASKA, MN—Mike Lindell, more commonly known as the “MyPillow Guy,” is making headlines once again with his newest line of pillows. MyPillow is now targeting the socialist demographic with the release of OurPillow.

“MyPillow did really well in the Trump era, but now with a new administration, it’s time to try out OurPillow, my comrades!” said an exuberant Mike Lindell. “And we are proud to announce that we are transitioning to overseas factories so every OurPillow will be made 100% in the communist utopia of China!”

A recent “As Seen On TV” commercial revealed that OurPillow will no longer perfectly adjust to fit individuals, but instead it will conform to the masses. It also boasts a patented, quick-drying, liberal tear absorbing foam. “It’s guaranteed the most comfortable pillow the State will ever own and let you use!” said Lindell.

“We love how inclusive OurPillow is, and now that the government is paying for it, everyone can enjoy!” said democratic socialist Millie Lenin. “Not to mention– the built-in deodorizer is a nice touch.”

When asked how to order OurPillow, Mike Lindell replied: “Look for OurPillow today being distributed at a breadline near you!”


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EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column by The Babylon Bee is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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