VIDEO: Donald J. Trump, Jr. on his Father’s statement, ‘We haven’t finished yet.’

MAGA “is really a movement of the people, a movement against the establishment, a movement against the elite.” – Donald J. Trump, Jr.

The movement that began on June 16, 2015 when Donald J. Trump came down the escalator, at the Trump Tower in New York City, and announced his candidacy for President is not over. Watch the video above of Donald J. Trump, Jr. about the MAGA movement to understand.

It’s not over for three reasons:

  1. Donald J. Trump is not a quitter when the very existence of our Constitutional Republic is a stake.
  2. The 74+ million patriots who voted for him will not give up on America and the American Dream without a fight.
  3. The Democrats can’t let it go. They will continue to attack anyone, like Mike Lindell, who support the movement because they know that if they do the MAGA movement will win.

The big question is not if President Trump is in the fight to save America. The real question: Is the Republican Party in the fight at all or are they just joining the establishment elite Democrats in destroying America?

Sadly, so far they have been joining the elites against the American people.


He’s actually accurate. The reality is this movement isn’t over. All of the blood, sweat, and tears that you guys have all put into this thing is very much still alive and well. You see that. I mean, this is really a movement of the people, a movement against the establishment, a movement against the elite. The message comes as we haven’t heard much out of the former president in recent weeks, which is very likely strategic as he maintains silent running ahead of his sham second impeachment trial.

A lot of those things have been brewing for quite some time. And that’s why for me I’m still standing engaged and we’re going to get in there and fight to elect people who really represent the people—people like you who have gone through so much.

I know he’s still going to keep going. I know we’re up against a lot, we always have been, going to be in there making sure that we have people who truly represent what America is all about.

When I look at things that I put up on my social media that are totally objective or that are satire, one or the other, that [social media content] gets fact-checked so that they can use that to knock my platform, to prevent me from getting any kind of reach. I see that stuff on a daily basis, I don’t see that on the other side. I don’t see Joe Biden getting fact-checked when he said he’s not going to ban fracking when he bans fracking.

If there’s even a little bit of ambiguity they get the benefit of the doubt, whereas if there’s even a little bit, a modicum, something like I said, subjective, who’s to know what the fact checker’s thinking, but certainly I know what I’m thinking and I can come up with a parameter that makes everything correct but the fact-checkers can say that it falls outside of those lines.

Joe Biden, not one tweet—as many incorrect ones that they’ve put out—has been fact-checked. It’s truly sick.

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