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Many patriots, Catholics, and others of goodwill are looking around the country and scratching their heads saying, “How did the commies seize power in the United States?”

Overcoming America did not happen in a day or even a couple of decades. It was, as the commies correctly note, the result of a “long march through the institutions.” It was a coordinated attack against foundational principles, through the foundational institutions, with the destruction of the family as the goal.

The family is the building block of any civilization, and without it, nothing else can long endure. So institutions that helped form family, support family, advance family had to be eaten away at — slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. There are many dynamics we can talk about here — the taking over of the media, education, the courts and so forth.

One we would like to concentrate on here is the invasion of Christian morality, first through Protestant denominations and eventually Catholicism. The Christian faith had served as a kind of moral cement since the nation’s founding, keeping passions relatively in check and allowing for the family to flourish, at least relative to the miserable situation family life finds itself in today.

At the heart of the attack against Christianity was the eugenicist movement of the late 19th and early 20th century. The rich global-minded elites wanted to control the world and limit population growth among the peasant classes, who were seen as undesirable. The central group going after the family was, oddly enough, the family of the Rockefellers, long time believers in controlling the world population.

With their billions, they funded the burgeoning birth control movement spearheaded by Marie Stopes in the United Kingdom and Margaret Sanger here in the United States. Both women, but especially Sanger, were massive racists; so much, in fact, that the woke culture finally caught up to Planned Parenthood, forcing them to rename their highest award, dropping the name Sanger from it.

The movement targeted Christianity in general, but specifically the Church of England, the Anglicans, to get them to accept birth control as moral. Two attempts failed in 1910 and again in 1920. But in 1930, at the Lambeth Conference, Anglican leaders finally caved in and declared that contraception in some limited form was moral and could be permitted.

This marked the first time in 2,000 years that any Christian group had accepted the moral evil of contraception. Even Martin Luther had virulently condemned birth control. It provoked an almost immediate response from the Vatican, one declaring that Christian morality has held from the very beginnings that birth control is always a grave evil, the only Christian faith that still teaches this truth.

One by one, Protestant congregations gave in and accepted birth control as compatible with the teachings of Christ — which it is not. This was a major victory for the Marxists. The Christian faith, which held society together, had now been dramatically weakened, especially since America was a predominantly Protestant nation.

It was not long after religious principles weakened that other institutions began to become unsettled. Various mainline Protestant denominations across the board began to become unmoored from Scripture, and since many of them ran or were strongly aligned with the nation’s most prestigious colleges, they too began a leftward lurch.

Those universities produced the next generation of cultural and political leaders, who, having been formed in an anti-religious environment, began dismantling morality up and down the country. They got into law schools and made their way onto the courts, and, in the late 1960s, made contraception a “constitutional right,” based on a manufactured right to privacy (which then went on to become the basis for wholesale abortion and, eventually, homosexual marriage).

In the midst of all this, however, there was still the Catholic opposition to contraception, and Church Militant covered all this in an investigation we produced over 10 years ago called “Contraception Deception.”

The major force behind attacking the Catholic Church and trying to subvert her was Saul Alinsky, who wormed his way into influential Church circles over the issue of social justice — in essence, class warfare. That was the topic of another investigation we did years ago as well.

As things turned more Marxist in the United States as well as the Church, it became clear that communism was ascendant, especially with the silence of duplicitous bishops who were covering up their own sins of child rape of thousand of altar boys by homosexual priests and bishops.

These men sat silent as the political winds were shifting furiously and offered next to no aid at all, allowing their flocks to be overrun and ground up in the machinery of the Culture of Death as lay Catholics by the tens of millions succumbed to the propaganda of the Marxist Democrats, demonstrated by the overwhelming support they showed the child-killer-in-chief, Obama.

Obama was able to actually put together a coalition of so-called Catholics who aggressively campaigned for him and who attacked faithful Catholics as racists for opposing his anti-Catholic policies. If you haven’t heard all this before, or have only heard only bits and pieces of it, that’s what Church Militant is here for: to help you connect the dots and understand the war we are in right now, theologically as well as politically.

This is just a small sample of the wisdom of the Church you will find here on Church Militant as a Premium member. The world is in its current condition because of the lack of conviction of Catholics as well as the ignorance of men of goodwill who have never encountered the fullness of Christ in His Catholic Church.

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