POLITICAL SHOW TRIAL: Impeachment of ‘Citizen’ Trump Begins

The party of treason flaunts its coup in this final act of persecution and as a bigger warning to any rational American who dares challenge the orthodoxy: You will be destroyed.

Daybreak Insider: The timeline (New York Magazine). This Washington Post article lays out the Democrats’ thinking (Washington Post). From Florida Congressman Bill Posey:

Now that President Trump’s term has ended and he is a private citizen, the impeachment articles are irrelevant, and the case is moot. The U.S. Constitution limits impeachment jurisdiction to the current president, vice president and sitting federal civil office holders. Additionally, the Constitution prescribes a punishment that shall not go beyond removal from office with the possibility of being disqualified from holding office in the future. Since President Trump no longer holds office, the penalty if convicted is meaningless. It’s politics at its worst and will only serve to further divide our nation (Townhall).


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