Donald Trump Was America’s Whistleblower-In-Chief — He exposed endemic corruption in the D.C. cesspool.

Candidate Donald Trump promised that if he was elected President he would “Drain the swamp.”

(The term “Swamp” to describe the pervasively corrupt District of Columbia should be replaced by “Cesspool.”  Swamps are natural elements of our planet’s ecosystem and are home to many forms of plant and animal life and are, therefore essential to our environment.  Cesspools however, are entirely artificial, filled with fetid rotting feces and detritus and there is nothing good to be found in cesspools!)

While most politicians portray themselves as “outsiders” who will clean house when elected, in reality with few exceptions, they are an integral part of the corrupt political system, Trump was not only a true “outsider” but had sufficient wealth so that he was not beholden to the lobbyists and other corruptors of the political system who use campaign contributions to get the best government money can buy (them).

The Orwellian terms “Lobbyists” and “Campaign contributors” should be replaced by far more honest terms: “Corruptors” and “Bribers.”

Trump’s brash and unconventional approach to politics and campaigning rankled many but also attracted the attention of tens of millions of angry and frustrated disenfranchised Americans who knew that the system was not working for them.

The media, ever interested in ratings, was drawn to the campaign. Trump conducted himself in a fashion not unlike a radio “shock jock” who people may not like but who tune in to find out what he may say or do next.

However, who but a billionaire with Trump’s unique tough demeanor, would have the chutzpah and wherewithal to take on the political establishment at the highest levels of our government and even take on the governments of other countries, such as China?

Trump repeatedly asserted that “The system is rigged” and even pointed out how Bernie Sanders lost the Democrat nomination because of corruption in the political system.

Members of the political establishment must also have been panicked at the thought of a Trump Presidency.  If elected, Donald Trump would have an insider’s unfettered access to the systemic corruption that has come to pass for business as usual.

The “establishment” not only includes the politicians but all who derive their wealth and influence through the manipulation of the U.S. government to their unfair and often immoral objectives that runs contrary to the best interests of America and Americans.

They feared that once elected President Trump would become America’s Whistle-Blower-in-Chief who would not only promote policies that favored American workers but would enlighten Americans about the true scope and magnitude of the betrayal they suffer at the hands of the political elite.

The Office of Special Counsel that protects whistleblowers from retaliation defines whistleblowers thus:

A “whistleblower” discloses information he or she reasonably believes evidences: • A violation of any law, rule • An abuse of authority or regulation • A substantial and specific danger • Gross mismanagement to public health • A gross waste of funds • A substantial and specific danger to public safety.

Is not this how the U.S. government betrays America and Americans today?

Donald Trump posed a clear and present danger, not to America, but to those who undermine national security, public safety and the well-being of American citizens.

So many had so much to lose and they reacted in ways never before seen in U.S. politics.

From the very beginning Trump rallies became the focus of violent extremists with Trump supporters being physically attacked and threatened.

Consider these headlines concerning one such Trump rally:

On June 3, 2016 the Washington Post reported:  Ugly, bloody scenes in San Jose as protesters attack Trump supporters outside rally, while on that same day NBC News reported: Protesters Assault Trump Supporters With Eggs, Bottles, Punches After Rally

Even after the election the violence continued.

For example, on November 14, 2016 USA Today reported:  Man viciously beaten in Chicago as bystanders scream ‘he voted Trump’

American politics had turned ugly resembling the violence and chaos normally associated with Third World Country elections but not in the United States of America – until Trump sought the Presidency.

Next came the Russian Collusion delusion, designed to discredit the Trump Presidency and punish anyone who would dare consider becoming a part of the Trump administration.  This continued with the obvious goals of keeping Donald Trump, the duly elected President of the United States, distracted so that he could not move forward with his America First agenda.

The Trump impeachment trial came next, in what was clearly an additional effort to delegitimize and derail the Trump administration.

Now we are about to witness yet another Trump impeachment trial even though he is no longer President.

Immigration was not only the centerpiece of the Trump campaign but a critical element of the way that Washington and both political parties betray American workers and their families.

Once elected, President Trump kept his promises to not only construct a border wall along the U.S. southern border, but to protect American workers from having to compete with foreign workers.

Ironically this position had been held by Democrat politicians for decades beginning with FDR who sought to get Americans working during the Great Depression, but certainly no longer.

Back on October 4, 1957 when Russia launched the world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik, President Eisenhower responded by declaring that American school children would be given a first-rate education in mathematics and the sciences to ensure that America will lead the world.

Today our “leaders,” Democrats and Republicans alike, frequently insist that we must encourage the world’s “best and brightest” to come to the United States and even attend U.S. schools and universities so that America can lead.  This is hardly good news for Americans who are frequently displaced by far less qualified foreign high-tech workers whose only claim to being exceptional is their willingness to work for exceptionally low wages under exceptionally adverse conditions!

Where I come from (Brooklyn), we have a term for the world’s “best and brightest”- we call them Americans!

Donald Trump dared to stand up to this betrayal of Americans and thus infuriated those who sought to undermine wages and job opportunities for Americans.

On December 11, 2011 You Tube posted an important eye-opening documentary, Dan Rather Reports – No Thanks for Everything which featured highly qualified and highly experienced American computer professionals who were unceremoniously fired by their respective companies and replaced by workers from India.

Silicon Valley and others have repeatedly pressured Washington to open the flood gates to foreign workers and have also forged an unholy alliance with China.

On September 13, 2020, just before the 2020 elections, the website Wired posted, Everyone Wants to Crack Down on China—Except Silicon Valley.  The subtitle of that article is well worth considering:

Many Democrats agree with Trump on curbing the countrys influence. But a Biden administration, influenced by tech, may strike a different tone.

Clearly just about all of the major players, irrespective of party affiliation, were united in their overwhelming desire to not only defeat Trump in this past election, but to make certain that his agenda of putting Americans first would be brought to a complete and speedy end.

Trump supporters are now reviled and accused of a variety of offenses.  Never mind that we are talking about tens of millions of Americans.  You would think that in a democracy, the will and concerns of so many citizens would be of the utmost importance.

The so-called “Cancel Culture” is determined to cancel any notion that American citizens should be the priority of their own government!

(So much for President Abraham Lincoln’s eloquent notion that our government should be “Of the people, by the people and for the people.)

No wonder Lincoln and the Founding Fathers are also on the “Cancel Culture chopping block” along with the American middle class and our freedoms.

Biden has acted swiftly to promulgate a record number of executive orders that undermine public safety, national security and the dreams of beleaguered Americans, many of whom live in communities that don’t have sufficient doses of vaccines to combat the pandemic or beds to treat those who fall ill.

Consider What Biden’s Immigration Policies Would Do To America.

Here are questions about immigration, a critical issue, that should be asked of Mr. Biden, but don’t expect the “journalists” to actually ask these questions- they are likely more concerned with the flavor ice cream Joe Biden likes:

  • How will your immigration and other policies help Americans to be safe especially in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • How do your immigration policies help Americans to succeed?  How does the admission of exponentially more foreign workers than the number of new jobs we create in America help American workers and their families?
  • Where is the good news for Americans when the administration ignore the clear nexus between immigration law enforcement and public health, public safety and national security?
  • Finally, why does the issue of “compassion” never apply to struggling American families and struggling American children?

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