Sharia-enforcing Amazon Brownshirts Delete Islamocritical Book

Over at Amazon you can still get Friedrich Nietzsche’s God Is Dead. God Remains Dead. And We Have Killed Him. You can still get Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion You can get Christianity Disproved: The conclusive proof that Christianity is false. You can get God Needs To Go: Why Christian Beliefs Fail. You can get All That’s Wrong with the Bible: Contradictions, Absurdities, and More. You can get Four Disturbing Questions with One Simple Answer: Breaking the Spell of Christian Belief. And on and on and on. But you can’t get Allah is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religion by my old Jihad Watch colleague, the New English Review‘s Rebecca Bynum, who wrote for this site when the world was young, the grass was green, and spring was in the air.

Now that the winter of Leftist/Islamic censorship is upon us in a big way, Amazon has removed her book from sale, so as not to offend those who must not be offended, and to stick to offending those who can and must be offended with impunity. This is done at least in part because those who must not be offended might kill you, while those who must be offended will not. Now, I don’t agree with my old friend that Islam is not a religion, but I am not being churlish or fastidious to point that out. I believe that ideas should be evaluated on the basis of whether and to what extent they correspond to and elucidate reality. Ideas should be discussed freely and accepted or rejected on their merits. But the totalitarian fascists of Amazon believe that the ideas they have judged to be beyond the pale must not be heard, and since they have an effective monopoly on the book business, when they drop a book, it will indeed for the most part not be heard.

Now that they have begun dropping Islamocritical books, expect more of this. After all, who on the Left will raise a voice for the freedom of speech? Not Old Joe. Not Kamala-in-Waiting. Not Old Joe’s handlers. Not Schumer or Pelosi or AOC or Ilhan Omar. Not a soul. The fascists are emboldened. It has been nice knowing you all, but it’s clearly coming to an end. Soon the only way you’ll be able to hear dissidents will be via whispers and furtive handovers of shoddily printed material, by the few who have the courage to continue to dissent when the darkness that is descending has finally enveloped us completely. I hope to see you there.

“Amazon Cancels Allah is Dead,” by Rebecca Bynum, New English Review, February 9, 2021:

Cancel culture progresses one burned book at a time.

My book, Allah is Dead: Why Islam is Not a Religionhas been removed from the Amazon website. Therefore I’m re-posting a talk I gave on the subject that nicely summarizes the book:

Good Evening. I’m here to talk about a subject no one wants to discuss – religion. Many people in our post-Christian society (especially journalists) are afraid of it, misinformed about it and ignorant of the most basic theological concepts. And our theologians are often too specialized in their work to be able to discuss religion in its broadest outlines or our Churchmen are often soo concerned with finding common ground that they gloss over and ignore the theology of Islam….


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EDITORS NOTE: This Jihad Watch column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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