Essay in The Nation Calls For ‘Blue-State Secession’

In an essay published on Wednesday titled “The Case for Blue-State Secession,” the longtime leftwing magazine The Nation presents the case for a “blue-state secession,” claiming it is “the only way to ensure democracy and equal justice” for all citizens.

CUNY Professor Nathan Newman argues in the essay that despite “demands for secession by red-state leaders and conservative commentators” it is actually blue states that possess “the real case” for secession. American politics “systematically tilts money and power to smaller and more conservative states,” Newman claims, which undermines “the interests of the majority of the population.”

“Given the undemocratic power of the Senate to entrench its own minority rule, the threat of secession is the only viable route to restoring democracy and equal justice, not just for blue-state residents but for Americans in all 50 states who are hurt by our undemocratic political system,” he adds.

Ticking off a list of some of the left’s favorite issues, Newman complains that presidents are chosen by the Electoral College rather than the popular vote; that “white supremacy” grants flyover states like Wyoming disproportionate voting power; and that red states are holding back a full-on national commitment to combating “climate change” and racial inequality.

“If secession seems extreme, it’s no more so than the millions of undocumented families fearing forcible separation by ICE,” Newman blathers. “It’s no more extreme than the steadily rising economic and racial inequality we face. And it’s definitely no more extreme than the body count we face from climate change.”

Perhaps Newman is onto something. Considering that blue states like California are fast becoming unlivable, third-world countries under Democrat rule and are hell-bent on doubling down on their disastrous policies, many conservatives would happily cut those states loose in order to make America great again.

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Founded in 1865 by politically radical abolitionists, The Nation is the oldest weekly magazine in the United States and the farthest Left of all popular American magazines.

According to David HorowitzThe Nation “supported every Communist dictator in their heyday — Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Ho, even Pol Pot – and on every issue involving conflict between the United States and any of its sworn enemies during the Cold War, invariably tilted towards (and often actively sided with) the enemy side.”

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