‘Chattering liberal elites’ encouraged BLM ‘insurrectionary behaviour’

Which is why the Democrats are pinning their civil war tactics on us – it’s what they do. Projection.

‘Chattering liberal elites’ at worst encouraged BLM ‘insurrectionary behaviour’

By: Sky News, February 18, 2021:

Author Andy Ngo says the “chattering liberal elites” in the US were at best silent during the 2020 Antifa riots and at worst encouraged the “insurrectionary behaviour”.

“The chattering liberal elites who have been the loudest in condemning what happened on 6th of January, which should be condemned unequivocally,” he told Sky News.

“These are the same people who were at best silent last year and at worst were actually encouraging, of what I view as, insurrectionary behaviour from far-left extremists.”

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  1. Yummy Fish
    Yummy Fish says:

    On The Whiteness of BLM.

    This is inspired by information that BLM is essentially a Marxist organization. While Marxism is of white origin, private property, and trade/commerce have long been elements of human and African enterprise. For example, the name of “Timbuktu” enjoys recognition, to this day, because of its world-wide fame as a center of prosperity and scholarship, even through such notable writers such as Joannes Leo Africanus of the sixteenth century.

    Near the outskirts of where Niger River could flood, Timbuktu became a trading center which swelled, from a population of ten thousand, in the thirteenth century, to about fifty thousand in the sixteenth century after its university was established, attracting scholars from throughout the Islamic world. Such was the intensity of its trade that, while Timbuktu has hardly moved, the Niger river is now some 15km distant.

    Especially under the Mali empire, Timbuktu was a world center of scholarship, of religions arts and sciences, leading to the accumulation of hundreds of thousands of manuscripts over the centuries. To this day, Timbuktu commands a legacy worthy of the most earnest efforts to study and preserve.

    The name of Timbuktu echoes across the centuries as but one example of the progress potential of human enterprise and human spirit. This is in stark contrast to the devolution and stagnation of johnny-come-lately Marxist barbarism.

    At around the seventeenth century, a similar enterprise spirit began to gradually lift Europeans out of feudal bondage and form the economic and cultural framework for the eventual abolition of slavery from Western civilization. Before then, the masses suffered slavery, and feudal bondage, throughout the world, for thousands of years.

    In contrast, Marxism has always wielded its authority at the expense of individual autonomy, which is the economic and cultural basis of individual liberty. As such, it is antithetical to the historic progress of freedom, and instead threatens regression towards enslaving the masses once more.

    There might be better choices, to recolonize from, than Marxism.



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