Stealing the West’s Cultural Heritage


My new Freedom Center pamphlet offers a defense of Western culture – and of America.

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Here is Sara Dogan’s Foreword to the pamphlet:


It has become fashionable of late among the leftist elites to accuse the West of pilfering its treasures — both physical resources and intellectual innovations — from native and minority cultures. The clear moral lesson, we are to understand, is that there is nothing particularly noteworthy or exceptional about Western culture and by extension about America. Instead, we should feel deep shame that our ancestors expropriated the physical and intellectual capital of the peoples we conquered.

In this timely and illuminating new pamphlet, “Stealing the West’s Cultural Heritage,” Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer addresses this lie head-on, first debunking the work of “Middle East expert” Diana Darke who claims in a recent book that some of Christian Europe’s most exquisite structures including Notre-Dame and St. Mark’s were inspired by Islamic mosques. Spencer eviscerates Darke’s claims, showing how the architectural timeline she presents is at odds with the origins and growth of Islam.

Spencer then turns his attention to the wider question of why scientific exploration and innovation exploded in Christian cultures but stalled in Muslim ones. He concludes that the difference lies in the two faiths’ differing conceptions of God. Christians believe that God created the laws of science and mathematics so that humans could study them and understand his divine creation, whereas Islam views God as capricious, and thus not bound to govern the universe according to consistent and observable laws.

This pamphlet is part of the Freedom Center’s ongoing efforts to rectify the onslaught of historical fabrications being taught both in our nation’s K-12 schools and our colleges and universities. Already, the New York Times’ widely discredited “1619 Project,” which seeks to prove that “Out of slavery — and the anti-black racism it required — grew nearly everything that has truly made America exceptional” is being taught as truth in classrooms across America.

“Stealing the West’s Cultural Heritage” is an urgent and essential read for both students of history and those who wish to understand how the academic left is adopting a false and dishonest narrative to undermine Western heritage.

Sara Dogan
National Campus Director
David Horowitz Freedom Center

And you can read it here.

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