Solutions to Big Tech’s Censorship

2021 has ushered in a new era of tech censorship, leaving many conservatives wondering where they can express free speech online. We here at 2ndVote have made a list of alternative social media and tech sites to help you pick options that respect your freedom.

Stop fighting censorship from Facebook (1.00) and subsidiary Instagram (1.00), and start using alternative platforms like Gab (3.15) and Minds (3.08). Rather than turning to Twitter (2.52), which banned former President Donald Trump for “inciting violence” but still allows terrorists to explicitly call for the annihilation of Israel, use recently reinstated Parler (3.08), or Diaspora (3.33), an anonymous, decentralized social media platform. Popular forum site Reddit (2.78) is following in the footsteps of other tech giants, so choose ad- and spyware-free platform MeWe (3.08) or Clouthub (3.08), a one-stop platform for posts, news, and video content.

When it comes to messaging, most people use Snapchat (2.95), or Facebook-owned Messenger (1.00) and WhatsApp (1.00). Email users sign up for Google-run Gmail (1.00) and email marketers often opt for popular MailChimp (1.72). These companies support anti-American values, but there are neutral alternatives such as encrypted messaging app Signal (3.00), search engine DuckDuckGo (3.00), email provider ProtonMail (3.00), and email marketing software MyEmma (3.00). A couple of companies score higher than a neutral 3.00 — Telegram (3.08) is a private alternative to Facebook Messenger, and Constant Contact (3.05) is a tool for email marketers.

Many other media platforms also support leftist causes, including video platforms such as Twitter-owned streaming app Periscope (2.52), TikTok (2.85), Vimeo (2.67), and Google subsidiary YouTube (1.00). Instead of using these, consider switching to Rumble (3.08)BitChute (3.08), or Brighteon (3.08) to watch new videos on the daily. For picture-based posting, look to neutral Ello (3.00) rather than left-leaning Pinterest (2.59). Finally, avoid Amazon services such as Kindle books, Audible audiobooks, or Amazon Web Services (1.00). If you need web services, use neutral Neon CRM (3.00) instead.

As Big Tech leans further into censorship, the best way to show them we disagree is to stop consuming content on their platforms. This cuts down their user base and ad revenue, which will force them to consider their actions. Meanwhile, we don’t have to miss out on the awesome world of online connection. Through migrating to platforms that respect our freedoms, we let Big Tech know what we won’t stand for — and we force them to listen to our 2ndVote.

2ndVote is now on Gab, MeWe, and Parler! Please look for us! The more followers we get on those platforms the sooner we can make the break from all those low-scoring ones.

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved. 2ndVote is still on Facebook, Twitter, and other low-scoring platforms as we stay connected to our followers during our transition to the high-scoring platforms. Please stay with us during our transition to platforms that respect your values!

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