From Uncle Joe #1 to Uncle Joe #2

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is Threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual Life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will Collapse from within.” — Joseph Stalin

Surprisingly the immigrants from Socialist countries discovered in America the man named Uncle Joe, whom they had known as Comrade Stalin. They were shocked and stunned, but didn’t understand how that could happen in America, how the famous murderer of the 20th century could be named Uncle Joe. Yet, years later these immigrants were even more shocked by the destruction of traditional monuments, historical buildings, along with a rewritten history of America. All of which they had experienced in their native Socialist lands. They love their adopted country and are terrified by the events in America today, it has become a reminder of their abysmal past…

The Dynamics of America’s Transformation  

History is the Mother of all sciences. Awareness of past events and a knowledge of past experiences is critical for the projection and building of a successful future. Alas, the American public has missed this crucial history, which has resulted in a deep divide in our country between the Democrats and Republicans today. This perilous knowledge is the history of Russia and her Intel, the history of Stalin, his Soviet Socialism and the brutal force in implementing his Formula of Power around the world in the 20th century. I realized that Stalinism had finally come to America, when Speaker Pelosi labeled all Republicans “the enemies within,” it reminded me of Stalin’s calling all Russian dissent “the enemies of the people,” then he began the Purges, deporting, imprisoning, and killing millions of people… As I see, political thoughts in America were criminalized to eliminate all opposition as it was under Stalin…

Please don’t forget the Soviet/Russian decision of 1955—a factual declaration of war against Western civilization and American capitalism designed by Comrade Stalin. His decision to wage the war by infiltration into all strata of the American society was to destroy it from within. This war has been going on since 1955, it is in its apogee today. To emphasize the significance of the war declared by Stalin today, we have to return to the ideology we are fighting against. Whatever we call it Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, or Soviet fascism, there is a caveat—Marxism is a theory, the rest became realities because of Stalin, who built the first Socialist Police State and disseminated his ideological creation throughout the world. That’s the reason I’ve been writing about Stalinism for the last thirty-five years…

The lack of real information about Russia’s crime against humanity and in particular against Western civilization and American capitalism has caused a deep partisan divide, division in American culture, American politics, including many senseless killings and degradations. Knowing that my books had been banned by the corrupt FBI, I continued being engaged in repeating the information in my columns to educate young Americans and decent people of all ages.

I am a child of Stalinism and a former Soviet attorney. Unlike Ayn Rand, who predicted America’s future in her brilliant writings of prophecy-fiction, I am writing my books and columns with ultimate knowledge based on the real events in the 20th century Russia: I have lived half of my life under Stalinist police state. I am the facts witness and recognize the regime when I see it. I saw both sides. Knowledge of both sides has brought the understanding of a Global Spy Ring initiated by Stalin to destroy Western civilization and American capitalism from within. His devoted disciples Andropov/Putin developed the formula further throughout the years.

Yet, China is the existential military threat for us today, because Chairman Xi has not only further developed the Stalinist Global Spy Ring, but widened it by infiltrating the global capitalist economy to destroy it from within. It started with the help of Bill Clinton, the first American Manchurian President, continued with the second Manchurian President, Obama, and have never ended. Stalinist formula were transforming normal human mentality into a Socialist one and the globalist Democrat Party bought into those ideas. It has self-transformed into America’s Socialist Party with no self-control nor any responsibility to we the people for their actions. Their allegiance is to the goals of the globalist elites. Socialist mentality is the engine of the Dems armed with Stalinist modus operandi: lies, deceit, and fraud, propaganda, symbols, and slogans, intimidation, manipulations, provocations, threat, and violence…

Socialist mentality

Don’t be surprised when overwhelming fraud is revealed in 2021 America, I warned you about Russian infiltration in 2012: “Legitimacy of the Russian KGB’s Government, a destabilizing force in the world, had opened a Pandora’s Box—saboteurs, hackers, charlatans, speculators, money counterfeiters, swindlers, provocateurs, and other scoundrels and rascals, flooded our country and the world.” All of them are here and Socialist mentality is here, too. One of Cuomo’s aids, a victim of sexual harassment said it very clear: “it was expected.” By that, she testified to the climate and culture of socialist mentality in New York. Cuomo won’t resign, he like all Soviet apparatchiks thinks the Earth is revolving around him. Yet, New York Nursing Home’s 15,000 deaths are deadly for Cuomo. All of that slightly resembled what I encountered in Russia: arrogance and incompetence is a very dangerous combination! Don’t be surprised by the venom against Trump coming out from New York… Vladimir Putin hates Donald J. Trump and Socialist mentality is everywhere within the Democrat Party machinery.

You will see very soon a silencing of, and a crackdown on Conservatives in America, which equates to Stalin’s Purges and Hitler’s corporate political monopoly to eliminate competitors. This is equal to political partisan control and power by Communists in Russia and Nazis in Germany. A planned American upheaval is aimed at empowering the powerful in 2021—the National Guard is defending them from us today in the Capitol. You can’t find the truth without knowing Russia’s Intel. As a former Soviet attorney, I invite you to learn how Putin in concert with Speaker Pelosi, Tom Lopez, Bernie Sanders, George Soros, and other Communists has quietly implemented American Fascism. Watch the first segment of the 60 minutes on 2.14.21 and read my column:

Here are several individuals with Socialist mentality fighting our political system: Rep. Ocasio-Cortes’ Green New Deal is aimed at bankrupting our economy and destroying the system left to us by our Founders. She    accuses Trump of putting “kids in cages.” She is wrong: America is not running a Concentration camp on a South border yet, but the movement of the country to the left direction is obvious. AOC only heard the term ‘concentration camp’, she doesn’t know that the term is a main feature of all totalitarian regimes be it Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Stalinism, or Fascism. She is in the front line of propagandizing the ideology of Socialism in America. Besides, these are the same “facilities” on the border that were built under Barack Obama and Joe Biden, then utilized by Trump.

And she is not alone ill-informed pertaining the leftist philosophy. Joe Biden’s recent pick for Attorney General, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Merrick Garland has revealed himself to be another one with a lack of political awareness. On the confirmation hearing “Garland appeared to be the most uninformed man in America, saying he didn’t know anything about John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax or Andrew Cuomo’s scandal involving the cover-up of the true number of nursing home deaths from coronavirus in New York State.” That didn’t surprised me. As a Judge, he participated in the hearing of the Oklahoma government building blast in 1995 and rendered a wrong verdict… And this is the crux of the matter—he doesn’t know Russia and her Intel…

Then, after that blast, I reacted immediately and wrote the story of the real criminals. The blast, in my view was orchestrated and executed by the Russian Intel in concert with Bill Clinton to manipulate public opinion and help to elect Bill in 1996. As a matter of fact, I expressed my judgement of Bill Clinton four years prior to the blast in Oklahoma by My Conversation with Rush Limbaugh October 29, 1992. You can read here this conversation in my recent column dedicated and published to the memory of Rush Limbaugh, February 20, 2021.

The recent FBI investigation of the January 6, 2021 violence in the Capitol has revealed more features of Stalinist police state: interrogation of people in the absence of an attorney, silencing them, and checking their bank accounts is not the American Law. It is the Soviet/Russian laws, one of the main features of Soviet Socialism, unknown to vast majority of Americans. They are not familiar with Stalinism and Russian Intel that sponsored the Dems’ armed forces Antifa and BLM. The FBI Director didn’t find the ideological motives in the Capitol Hill events January 6, 2021. He couldn’t, because he doesn’t know that ideology of Stalinism has infiltrated the Democrat party, and due that the KGB has a free hand to constantly harm America. The recent history of the FBI and our Intel have testified to their ignorance and corruption. I don’t trust them and I am not alone. Look at this:

“Antifa and BLM are not civil action groups. They are terrorist groups looking to destroy America. The target areas where they know that they will not get much resistance. And it is these areas that are controlled by Democrats. The Republican Party is the one group that stands for law and order.” Liberty Angle, January 30, 2021, Ted Wheeler Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine.

And another one: “A top member of ‘Insurrection USA,’ which is allegedly linked to BLM was seen among the people who entered the Capitol this week.” We the People Daily, January 7, 2021

History of The Truth

Over 75 million Americans voted for President Trump in the recent election. They were shocked by Joe Biden’s win. I have some explanation for them to understand what has happened. There are several facts unknown to them:

First: The 9/11 Commission failed miserably…

As a devoted disciple of Stalin, Putin followed Stalin’s design and began implementing his Formula in Iran, using the KGB in the 1990s. By the year 2000, the KGB had recruited 14 Saudi Arabian students and with help of Bill Clinton, and motivated to break down American relations with Saudis, the strategy of the plot was realized in the 9/11 attacks against our country. The truth of my view confirms by the KGB defector to America Konstantin Preobrazhensky, who found that the leader of the Saudi student Muhamad Attah had met with the KGB in Prague, the city where foreign agents meet with the KGB. The 9/11 Commission had failed to identify the main culprit of the attacks on 9/11—Russia. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was trained by the KGB for six months in Russia and the blast of Boston’s Marathon was committed after the attacks on 9/11…

Second: The deaths and blood of all our servicemen in Afghanistan is on the hands of Russia. Since the invasion in Afghanistan in 1979, Russia was collaborating with Taliban by using the KGB of all neighboring Muslim Republics with common languages. This criminal cooperation has gone on and never ended.

Third: Iran, like Syria, is Russia’s province in Putin’s mind. Nouri al-Maliki was recruited by the KGB, living in Iran and got an assignment to move to Iraq. Our war in Iraq was doomed from the start with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki taking commands from Vladimir Putin. At the time I had information that Jamal Khashoggi had connection to the KGB as well. He was implicated in the Iran–Contra affair as a key middleman in the arms-for-hostages exchange along with Iranian arms dealer Manucher Ghorbanifar in 1987.

Fourth: The race card was the Ace in the KGB’s political strategy: indoctrination of the black communities by the “White Oppressors” began in the 1960s. The smart conservative Blacks didn’t swallow it and the KGB changed the narrative to “White Supremacists” in 21st century and the Dems employed it at once to resurrect their failed policy to destroy you. I have been analyzing the changes within the Dems for several decades, showing the KGB’s political-operatives working within the Dems Party nationwide, infiltrating and corrupting all major government’s arteries, courts, sports, culture, democratic institutions, and so forth. It is not only Socialist California and Oregon, it is the Dems’ corrupt machinery…

“Look at the state of Virginia, where three top Dems are in deep scandals. This is also no coincidence: a former Governor, Terry McAuliffe was Clinton’s lieutenant, and I suspect a leader of Socialist mafia, making the entire state adhere to the ideology of Soviet fascism. He was working with FBI’s corrupt McCabe to manufacture a protest by white supremacist group rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017. I am not sure that the connection was known, when the case had been investigated and two trivial actors convicted.” My column: Anatomy of Treason, May 31, 2019

The Evil Empire is Alive and Well – The KGB’s Plans for America

The election on 2020 has changed everything for the worse for America. It is not cancel culture, but a long-term Sovietization of America, a Social Engineering like it was in the Soviet Union. Yes, the Evil Empire is alive and with the help of Chinese COVID-19 is getting more aggressive in its infiltration into the Western world. At the same time, if you have eyes and ears, you understand that Joe Biden is unable to run our country. Reading this column you will get the reality of who does it and who runs the show. Educated like Putin by the Soviet Law, I know his next steps—his success in the 2020 American election spins his head and he will go straight ahead with the KGB’s plans. As a stanch follower of the Stalinist formula he will use immigration and changes in America’s Electoral System. To grasp both, you have to know Stalinist Formula:

In 2015, after the Muslim invasion in Europe, our Intel should’ve known the KGB’s criminal design for Western civilization and America, and the methods the KGB uses inside and outside our country to fight Western civilization and capitalism.  Europeans were shocked by the reality of the Invasion of the Muslims in 2015. The global elites in Europe were not shocked. They sponsored it. Do you know that now any criticism of Islam in Europe is treated as a form of racism, and “Islamophobia” is considered a crime or a sign of mental illness? “Europe has renounced force, so to many, it appears weak, vulnerable and easily able to be overpowered.” Muslim Invasion of Europe, by Guy Millière, October 22, 2015

I am giving you this paragraph, because we are at war with the forces that manufactured Muslim Invasion of Europe. It was orchestrated by Russia and its Intel. Read my columns at the time to learn how it was designed and prosecuted. I have been writing about an asymmetrical war against Western civilization for the last thirty years. The Caravans that approach the US southern border are a carbon copy of the Invasion of Europe that was orchestrated and well-organized by the same forces. Both cases are examples of an asymmetrical war against the West. Anti-Trump war is a part of this war. It is a carbon copy of the war waged against Nixon by the Soviet Intelligence machine– history of that treason has very deep roots. But this topic requires a separate column. I don’t want to repeat many other reasons why Knowledge of Russia is a Must! Believe me it is!

To grasp the KGB plans for illegal immigration to America, you should know how the KGB uses children and read my column about the children of the Spanish-war 1936-1939. Those children boys and girls were indoctrinated in special schools called Internat, where children studied and lived. Thousands of Spanish children have been brought by Stalin to the Soviet Union and twenty years later used them to infiltrate the Central and South America. Do you know the origins of the Mexican drug cartel and MS-13 gangs? Now you know. We have a national security crisis today. The same plans Putin’s KGB has for the current massive invasion of children, when 321 children are taken every day to the American border: the KGB plans to start the second cycle of the Permanent Revolution in the 21st century….

The changes of America’s Electoral System will be the next fight by the Dems under Putin’s supervision to finally destroy our Constitutional republic and establish a one-party system in America. I hope Republicans are reading this column and ready to defend our Exceptional political system, left to us by our Founding Fathers…

Those people who have doubts in the authenticity of the Stalin’s words in my epigraph, I invite them to look three decades back, today they will not recognize America the Beautiful we had then… The design of Uncle Joe #1 was and is being implemented by the Democrat Party leadership in America. Our Constitution is in jeopardy, our Bill of Rights will be shredded. And all leftist Charlatans like Kim Jong Un will announce more nukes, daring weak Biden to do something about it… The irony of two centuries is striking: Uncle Joe #1 started a war against humanity in the 20th century Russia. Uncle Joe #2 is completing this war in the 21st century America by joining a Global Spy Ring fighting against us. Some Republicans still don’t grasp the horror, we are facing: They are calling Socialist Charlatans—The Democrats!

To be continued or

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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