PODCAST: Biden Risks COVID-19 Spread With Reckless Illegal Immigration.



Myron Ebell is director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Ebell also chairs the Cooler Heads Coalition, which comprises representatives from more than two dozen non-profit organizations based in the United States and abroad that challenge global warming alarmism and oppose energy rationing policies.

TOPIC: Texas blizzard is a preview of Biden’s blackout agenda!


Kelsey Bolar is a senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum. She is also an editor of BRIGHT, a morning newsletter for women, by women, a contributor to The Federalist, and a senior fellow at The Steamboat Institute. She is a frequent guest on Fox News, Fox Business. Previously, Bolar worked for The Daily Signal and The Heritage Foundation as a senior writer and producer. There, she co-hosted the weekly podcast, “Problematic Women,” produced videos that received millions of views, and regularly appeared on radio and TV.

TOPIC: Biden Risks COVID-19 Spread With Reckless Illegal Immigration.


Ryan Cinnante and Blake Kerven are on a mission to get Major Kurt Chew-Een Lee America’s first Marine Corps officer of Asian heritage a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor. Major Lee heroically engaged in direct combat with Communist Chinese and North Korean soldiers while leading 8000 US Marines to safety during the battle of The Chosen Reservoir.

As progressive ideology infiltrates America’s sanctuaries, author and pastor Lucas Miles exposes “religious trojan horse” in his new book The Christian Left already a #1 chart-topping Amazon title before it’s release. The book unveils how liberal thought has entered America’s sanctuaries exchanging the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for the trinity of diversity, acceptance and social justice. The book includes an in-depth look at church history, world politics and pop culture in order to address the rise and agenda of the “Christian Left”.

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  1. Stephen Mcgowan
    Stephen Mcgowan says:

    Major Kurt Chew Een Lee was a close friend and fellow Marine to me. He told me on his 88th Birthday that if they ever ended up awarding him the MOH that it wouldn’t do him any good if he was dead. I argued with him that he was wrong. He disliked Congress-woman Judy Chu saying her idea of discrimination against Chinese/Americans was different than his. She didn’t agree he should get the MOH. Even Col. Archie Van Winkle MOH Recipient { my last C/O in the Marines} and in Baker Co. with Major Lee in Korea, told me that the only reason Major Lee didn’t get the MOH was due to outright Racism. Side Note : Wilbur Carl Sze was the first Chinese/ American to be Commissioned an Officer in the Marines. Major Lee was the first “Regular” Marine to be Commissioned an Officer. I have many emails from my friend Major Lee. He even admired Jane Fonda for as he put it, ” Sticking to her guns” about the Vietnam War. I attended Major Lee’s Services at Arlington on Sept. 30th 2014. He was a true American Hero.


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