CEASE AND DESIST! Trump Tells Supporters ‘No more money for RINOS’

The Republican Party establishment has ruined the Republican Party. They did not support President Trump while he was POTUS, and they have not taken on the Left in a competent way. In fact, they bear much responsibility for the mess that this country is in right now. President Trump is correct. The RINO’s must be replaced with strong America-first candidates. Candidates in the mold of Governor’s Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem.

Trump tells supporters ‘No more money for RINOS’ as he battles GOP over fundraising with his likeness

Trump tries to stop money from going to GOP candidates who are disloyal to him



Even with $12.5 billion in federal aid, Killer CUOMO wants New York to tax the ‘wealthy’

Democrat Congressman Vicente Gonzalez Reports Thousands in Questionable Interest Income from Bank of China Account

Twitter Sues Texas

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  1. Pat Kennedy
    Pat Kennedy says:

    We see on the new chess game the Queen’s gambit after the Sicilian open in 2017 of rhe democrats barely squeezing out a win after constant political harassment and the rooks guarding their queen, aka Nancy.

    Trump will now play defensively as pawns and bishops set up the board for his knights and rooks. Getting an early rook move in the back row aka Cuomo, weakens democratic hold. Also the media rooks fall back into gossip news more on the level.


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