Defend Florida Calls to Action & March 21st Unity Summit

Defend Florida has tons of exciting events and calls to action today. So please make sure you scroll to the end of this column to get all the information.

Get involved, we are making it easy for you to have your voice heard. It’s time to stand together, let our leaders know we are here and that we are No Longer Silent!

Call To Action #1: Ask State Legislators to protect Florida from unconstitutional legislation, regulations and executive orders.

Action: Call your State House member and Senate members.

Attention: Members are deleting mass copied emails. If you want to make a difference please call or write a unique email or letter.


THAT Florida hereby asserts sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and delegated to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.

Full Text Link Here:

Call To Action #2: How You Can Help Get FL’s Big Tech Censorship Bill To Pass

Action: Call your State House member and Senate members.

Attention: Members are deleting mass copied emails. If you want to make a difference please call or write a unique email or letter


The Florida House of Representatives is considering a bill titled Transparency In Technology Act, HB 7013. This bill was first discussed by Governor DeSantis as a way to stop the deplatforming of candidates and egregious political censorship of Floridians by the Big Tech social media companies.

It is critically important that the committee members listed below hear your voices in support of this bill, Transparency in Technology Act, HB 7013!

Chair of FL Senate Judiciary  Committee Jeff Brandes 727-563-2100 850-487-5024
FL Senate Judiciary  Committee Dennis Baxley 352-750-3133 850-487-5012
FL Senate Judiciary  Committee Jim Boyd 941-742-6445 850-487-5021
FL Senate Judiciary  Committee Jennifer Bradley 904-278-2085 850-487-5005
FL Senate Judiciary  Committee Doug Broxson 850-595-1036 850-487-5001
FL Senate Judiciary  Committee Debbie Mayfield 321-409-2025 850-487-5017
FL Senate Judiciary  Committee Ray W Rodrigues 239-338-2570 850-487-5027
Chair of FL House Judiciary  Committee Daniel Perez (305) 442-6800 (850) 717-5116
Vice Chair of FL House Judiciary Committee Cord Byrd (904) 242-3495 (850) 717-5011
Vice Chair of FL House Judiciary Committee Audrey Gibson (904) 359-2553 (850) 487-5006
FL House Judiciary  Committee Tommy Gregory (941) 708-5660 (850) 717-5073
FL House Judiciary  Committee Robert Charles Brannan III (386) 758-0405 (850) 717-5010
FL House Judiciary  Committee Demi Busatta Cabrer (305) 910-4236 (850) 717-5114
FL House Judiciary  Committee Wyman Duggan (904) 381-6011 (850) 717-5015
FL House Judiciary  Committee Juan Alfonso Fernandez-Barquin (305) 222-4119 (850) 717-5119
FL House Judiciary  Committee Elizabeth Anna Fetterhoff (386) 736-5187 (850) 717-5026
FL House Judiciary  Committee Erin Grall (772) 778-5005 (850) 717-5054
FL House Judiciary  Committee Scott Plakon (407) 262-7423 (850) 717-5029
FL House Judiciary  Committee Spencer Roach (239) 656-7790 (850) 717-5079
FL House Judiciary  Committee Michelle Salzman (850) 941-6091 (850) 717-5001
FL House Judiciary  Committee John Snyder (772) 545-3481 (850) 717-5082
FL House Judiciary  Committee Keith L. Truenow (352) 742-6276 (850) 717-5032
FL House Judiciary  Committee Daryll Rouson (727) 822-6828 (850) 487-5019
FL House Judiciary  Committee Tina Scott (561) 443-8170 (850) 487-5029
FL House Judiciary  Committee Perry Thurston Jr. (954) 321-2705 (850) 487-5033

National Unity Summit on March 21st, 2021: Make America Free Again

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