Pelosi: DACA Illegals Are ‘True Heirs’ of Founding Fathers

In a Thursday speech on the House floor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had the gall to claim that the DACA “dreamers” brought to the United States by their illegal alien parents “are true and legitimate heirs… of our founders.”

As Democrats prepare to push through an amnesty for at least three million illegal migrants, Pelosi said, “This legislation is protecting ‘dreamers,’ and TPS [Temporary Protected Status] and DED [Deferred Enforced Departure] recipients, honors the truth that immigrants are the constant reinvigoration of our country.

“When they come here with their hopes and dreams and aspirations, these parents bringing their children, their hopes and dreams and aspirations for a better future for their children, that courage, that determination, those aspirations, are American traits, and they all make America more American, with all of that,” she gushed. “Indeed they are true and legitimate heirs, these dreamers are, of our founders. E Pluribus Unum, from many one, we talk about that all the time.”

Pelosi’s fawning praise for illegal aliens stems from the Progressive notion that America is not a homeland for legal citizens but a “nation of immigrants” arriving in a constant influx, bolstering Democrat power, bloating government programs, and providing a steady stream of cheap labor. It would never occur to the left to refer to generations of natural-born American citizens as the true and legitimate heirs of the Founding Fathers.

“Again, dreamers, TPS, DED recipients are American in every way,” Pelosi added.

Except legally — and thus they are not American in even the most basic way.

Nancy Pelosi

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Pelosi Leads the Push to Pass the “For The People Act of 2021,” a Bill Designed to Destroy Election Integrity

On January 4, 2021, Speaker Pelosi, House Administration Chair Zoe Lofgren, and Democracy Reform Task Force Chair John Sarbanes together re-introduced H.R. 1, The For the People Act of 2021, and then issued the following statement:

“Our democracy is in a state of deep disrepair.  During the 2020 election, Americans had to overcome rampant voter suppression, gerrymandering and a torrent of special interest dark money just to exercise their right to vote.  Across the country, people of all political persuasions – including Democrats, Independents and Republicans – are profoundly frustrated with the chaos, corruption and inaction that plague much of our politics.

“That’s why House Democrats are doubling down on our longstanding commitment to advance transformational anti-corruption and clean election reforms by again passing H.R. 1, the For the People Act.

“H.R. 1 will protect the right to vote, ensure the integrity of our elections, hold elected officials accountable and end the era of big, dark, special-interest money in our politics.

“Our historic reform effort will clean up decades of dysfunction in Washington, return power to the people and build a more just, equitable and prosperous country for all Americans.”

The Heritage Foundation, in an overview that can be found here, laid bare the provisions and agendas of the For The People Act, which would encourage and facilitate massive amounts of fraud and chaos in political elections.

To learn more about Nancy Pelosi, click here for her profile.

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