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COVID-19: Therapy

Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19 when used early: analysis of 46 studies

My latest recommendations for COVID-19 Prevention and Therapy

COVID-19: Vaccines

Doctors, Scientists Write Open Letter About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns

Former Gates Foundation Vaccine Scientist Calls for Halt to Vaccinations

7 European Nations Halt AstraZeneca Vaccine on Reports of “Serious” Blood Clots

COVID-19 Vaccine Full Disclosure Consent Form

Philosopher David Hume Comes to the Rescue of the Pharmacological Lobby

COVID-19: Models & Data

COVID-19 Hysteria and Panic

More Evidence Lockdowns Didn’t Reduce COVID Deaths

Climate Change, COVID-19, and the Great Reset

The Disease Models Were Tested and Failed, Massively

Diplomats Warned of Risky Wuhan Coronavirus Experiments: No One Listened

Greed Energy Economics

Study: Housing prices decline within mile of solar energy arrays

Study: Wind turbines and solar projects drive down house prices

Edmunds: The True Cost of Powering an Electric Car

US DOE Price Data Spotlights Regressive Nature Of Electrifying Everything

America Trails In Global Race For Rare Earth Elements

Renewable Energy Health and Ecosystem Consequences

Report: The role of rare earth elements in wind energy

Mining Our Way to “Clean” Energy

Court ruling means wind farms must provide more information on noise

Renewable energy vs. the environment in NY

Piling up: ND begins discussion of how to deal with old turbine wind blades

Wind project condemned for destruction of protected species

Wind firm tries to change rules again

Wind and Solar Energy

Why Wind Power Transition Schemes Are Pipe Dreams

Wind and solar reliance would black out the US

US light usage reveals insanity of relying on weather-dependent wind & solar

KY Bill Would Allow Ban On Large Solar Projects On Farmland

GE Topples Vestas as World’s Biggest Wind Turbine Maker

Maine fishermen caught in a quandary over offshore wind-array site

Wealthy New York enclave battles over offshore wind project

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Plant Closures And Renewables Increase Electricity Prices & Unreliability

German green energy compares poorly to French nukes

Why Hydrogen Needs Nuclear Power To Succeed

Can the U.S. switch on a Nuclear Fusion plant by 2035?

The worst fallout from Fukushima was hysteria

Fossil Fuel Energy

Study: Oil in the ocean photo-oxidizes within hours to days

Climate change and abiotic oil

Natural Gas: Where in the World Would We Be Without It?

We Now Know What Not to Do About Energy Policy

Misc Energy

Podcast: Texas in the Dark: The What, How, and Why of Power Outages

Video: Our Energy Grid and Why it Matters

Grid Elements — What You Haven’t Heard…

An Evolving Energy Mix and Why The Details Matter

Biden Pushes Green Energy As Informed Environmentalists Abandon It

How the Green New Deal is a Trojan Horse for Totalitarian Government

Renewables: not enough minerals, energy, time or clean and green

21 States sue Biden in bid to revive Keystone XL pipeline

Manmade Global Warming: Some Deceptions

Short Video: Climate Reality Check

WSJ: Biden’s ‘BackDoor’ Climate Plan

Whiff of the unthinkable at EPA: CO2 standards for states

There Are Models And There Are Models

Video: They’re Coming for your Animals — UK confirms gassing chickens

Nations Aren’t Acting as If Climate Change Poses Existential Crisis

Study: Climate ‘apocalypse’ fears stopping people having children

Manmade Global Warming: The Social Cost of Carbon

The Social Costs of Carbon Cancelation

Social Cost of Carbon Nonsense

The Social Cost of Carbon Is Arbitrary and Capricious

States sue to block “social cost” of carbon


Manmade Global Warming: Misc

12 States Suing Biden Over Climate Executive Order

Report: A Short History of Climate Alarm

How to Think about Climate Change

Short video: The Big Bad Green Bet

US Elections:

Conservative team targets HR 1, ballot fraud in Georgia and elsewhere

Defeat H.R. 1 Now, Deal with Supreme Court Disappointments Later

Conservative Nonprofit Launches $10 M Campaign to Strengthen Election Integrity

FreedomWorks Initiates Another Counterweight to Biden Agenda

Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases

Clear Thinking on Elections from Justice Clarence Thomas

Vote rigging: How to spot the tell-tale signs

A videotaped confession about who rigged the 2020 election

They Don’t Pick Up Mail – But they Vote by Mail?

Video: Monkey Business Special w Garrett Ziegler

US Elections, State Issues:

New Report on 2020 Election Shows Nearly Impossible Statistical Contrasts

New Report Shows Significant Election Irregularities in Many States

24 More Charged in Voter-Fraud Probe in NC

5 People Charged With Voter Fraud in Illinois

Data Scientists Say 432,000+ Votes Removed From Trump in Pennsylvania

92K NV Mail Ballots Went to Wrong Addresses in 2020 Presidential Election

Texas is largest battleground in struggle over voting rights, secure elections

US Politics and Socialism

Biden and Harris ERASE Women

The Left’s Instrument of Ruin and Destruction

Biden’s Climate Plans Are a Conduit to Socialism

Looking in the Wrong Direction: Time To Wake Up!

Hitting Woke Herd Immunity?

The Real Scandal Behind the Washington Post-Trump Scandal

Short video: Why I quit my job as a leftist organizer

Other US Politics and Related

The Future of American Democracy

For National Security Reasons, Let’s Keep Biden Off TV

Short video: Submarine Fleet Strength by Country

Wikipedia’s Leftist Bias: Socialism Whitewashed, Communist Atrocities Buried

Short video: How One Man Awoke the Soul of the Nation … and the World

Religion Related

Vatican excludes gay union blessing as God ‘can’t bless sin’

Cain Celebrated For Reducing Humanity’s Carbon Footprint By 25%

Education Related

Silenced by the Sheep: Academia’s New Censorship

The Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Movement: Tyranny thru Subverting Language

Subversive Education in NC

NC Lt. governor raises concerns about school ‘indoctrination’

Science and Misc Matters

My LifeSite Interview

Willful Blindness in the Sciences

Why People Self-Destruct

He Got $300,000 From Credit-Card Rewards: the IRS Said It Was Taxable

Short video: Drone Weaponry
Meghan Markle, The Tempest of the Shrew

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