VIDEO: We live in dangerous political times! Be careful what you say!

We live in dangerous political times. We feel we have freedoms such as the 1st and 2nd amendment. There are ruthless people who want to squash those rights. They don’t care about you. We are now confronted with the possibility that government agencies my try to intimidate or bully you into submission or silence. We now face the very real possibility that some agent from the government may wish to question you on some matter. I am begging you to take time to watch this video. Although over 40 minutes long, you will understand what you need to know by the half way point. Plus, Professor Duane is quite entertaining.

See the video “Don’t Talk to the Police/Cops” by James Duane:

Why am I sending this to you at this time? You know that federal authorities are being very aggressive towards people with conservative values. An attorney whom you know very well and who is in the middle of the national political fight for our rights just issued you a very personal warning. You should consider the very real possibility that during these turbulent political times that you will be contacted by an agent of the government who wants to “just ask you a few questions.”

You are a law abiding citizen and passionate defender of our Constitution – what could go wrong? PLENTY! There is only one answer you should give: “Please give me your contact information, I’ll have my attorney contact you.”

Don’t promise when! Don’t have an attorney? Go find one familiar with local or federal law depending upon the person who contacted you. If you think this is a joke, watch the video again.

I hope the above never happens to you. But be prepared. A friend in Washington DC just told me of a neighbor’s daughter who came from CA to DC for a family medical emergency on January 6th plus a return trip to D.C. on January 20th. She is now having to deal with federal investigators. The agent in charge of the January 6th investigations is bragging that they are trying to investigate as many people as possible to send a message.

This is not a joke.

Lane Watkins

Lane Watkins, Conservative Grass Roots Organizer and Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

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