VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Trump DHS Official Releases Campaign Ad Slamming Biden For Crisis At Border

Former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Brian Harrison, will release a campaign ad Friday criticizing President Joe Biden for the crisis at the border.

The Daily Caller first obtained the ad, where Harrison said he will be suing the Biden administration for causing the crisis at the border by undoing policies created during his time as a senior official at HHS under Trump. Harrison, who is running for the vacant House seat in Texas’ 6th district, oversaw all of the HHS facilities used to house migrant children during the migrant surge in 2018-2019.

“Joe Biden created the disaster at our border. He did it because liberals want to fundamentally change America, and we gotta stop ‘em. Hi, I’m Brian Harrison, and when COVID hit, I worked with President Trump to lock down our border, order immediate deportations and kept Texans secure,” he says in the ad.

“Now, I’m taking the Biden administration to court to force them to shut it down. See, we need a fighter in Congress, and Texans can’t settle for anything less. I’m Brian Harrison, and I approve this message because I fight back and win,” Harrison adds.

In a phone call with the Caller, Harrison explained his lawsuit and said the Biden administration is solely responsible for the crisis at the border.

“Well, it’s the one campaign promise I can tell he’s keeping. You know, he promised he’d be a unifying force in American politics. He’s not. He promised he would follow the science and data. You look at what’s coming out of the CDC with schools and reopening, and he’s not doing that. But he promised open borders and he’s delivering open borders. When we left, in the Trump administration, we left him and he inherited the most secure border in American history,” Harrison said.

“Joe Biden inherited the most secure border in American history. All he had to do was nothing. He created this crisis. He did it on purpose,” Harrison added, in his conversation with the Caller. “He had to take actions to do this, we left the most secure border in history. He chose to undo all of our successes and he created the crisis on our border.”

Harrison was asked about his lawsuit, to which he said he believes he will win.

“I took him to court to sue him. Well, to sue his administration, sued his HHS secretary, DHS secretary, CDC director, to get them to be forced to adhere to the entirety of President Trump’s title 42 order. Our attorneys are working with the court on dates. But I believe we’re going to win. It’s a black and white illegal act that they have committed here by disregarding part of the title 42 to order while leaving the rest of it in place. It’s just it’s illegal,” Harrison said.

The ad will be released Friday throughout the state of Texas.



Senior Congressional correspondent.


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