CALL TO ACTION: Stop Critical Race Theory in Florida’s Schools

We need your help. We have an important call to action this week to protect our children in our school systems against Critical Race Theory. Additionally, we wanted to thank all of your for attending our National Virtual Summit and have some interesting details to share, along with an instant replay in case you missed it.

Stop Critical Race Theory in Our Schools

Below is an open letter to Governor DeSantis.  What he is doing so far is amazing, but his rhetoric must be followed with Executive Orders and Florida Department Of Education (DOE) actions to stop CRT in Florida.

On Friday we are doing an Action Alert to the Governor and Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran. Please participate by downloading this letter, adding your signature and sending it to the governor!

Action: Please download this letter and add your signature. Send it to Governor DeSantis (contact information below) Many of you belong to multiple grassroots groups, Churches, etc. They are welcome to participate. You will realize the real sense of urgency reading the OPEN Letter.  School districts are buying the Critical Race Theory infused English Language Arts (ELA) text books right now.

Contact Governor DeSantis at:

Office of Governor Ron DeSantis
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
(850) 488-7146
(850) 488-7146
(850) 488-7146
(850) 488-7146
(850) 488-7146
(850) 488-7146
(850) 488-7146(850) 488-7146

Download & Sign Letter Now

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