New Hampshire Audit Confirms Voting Machines Results Unreliable

Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and now New Hampshire. When do we get justice and oust the coup conspirators?

BREAKING: New Hampshire Audit Confirms Voting Machines Results Unreliable

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Although the audit in Arizona has garnered much attention, thousands of miles away in the small town of Windham, N.H., another investigation into the 2020 election is underway.

On Election Night, Republicans swept all four of Windham’s state representative seats. One Democrat, Kristi St. Laurent, fell short by just 24 votes and requested a recount.

But during the recount, the margin between St. Laurent and the Republican candidates changed significantly. The vote totals for all of the Republican candidates in the race increased by about 300, while St. Laurent’s vote count decreased by nearly 100.

While the outcome of the race didn’t change — the four Republican victories from Election Day were upheld at the recount — the change in vote totals raised serious questions for many from both parties.

Nicole Bottai, Windham’s town clerk, said she was bewildered by the wildly wrong numbers. “It is strange,” she said.

Earlier this month, an audit began as group of overseers and volunteers got to work at Edward Cross Training Center in Pembroke, a New Hampshire National Guard facility chosen for its secure environment,

The team’s job is to determine why Democrats were credited with more votes in an early machine-tallied vote than they received in a later hand recount, while Republicans were shortchanged.

Amid the audit have been allegations of malfeasance by Democrats. The Last Refuge reports:

It was recently discovered that a member of LHS, an election service using Dominion hardware and software, is present during the audit of their own systems.  This would, under all ordinary circumstances, be considered a conflict of interest.  Watch this recap video for more sketchy issues being outlined

Today, the auditors announced the results of the hand recount, which closely the matched the recount numbers from the Nov. 12 recount.

The results confirm the machine totals from the Nov. 3 election in Windham were indeed incorrect; however, the cause of the discrepancy remains under investigation.

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