Jews Under Siege in Biden’s America

Old Joe Biden’s handlers have done a great deal to exacerbate divisions in American society. And no group has borne the brunt of this more than American Jews.

In New York City, a Muslim mob screaming “Allahu akbar” attacked a Jewish man in midtown Manhattan. Also in Manhattan last Thursday, ‘Palestinians’ threatened violence and screamed anti-Semitic slurs at Jews. One threw a mini-firebomb. Pro-jihad protesters stormed a restaurant and spat on Jewish patrons; one of the thugs threw a bottle. A Muslim, Waseem Awawdeh, was arrested for viciously beating a Jew in Times Square.

In Los Angeles, Palestinian protesters asked people dining at the Sushi Fumi restaurant if they were Jewish, and proceeded to attack them with knives. Elsewhere in Los Angeles, two cars festooned with Palestinian flags chased a Jewish man down a street as he was leaving his synagogue.

In Florida, a van also bearing a Palestinian flag and emblazoned with the slogan “Hitler was Right” drove past a pro-Israel demonstration.

In Skokie, Illinois, a pro-jihad vandal wearing an Arab headdress smashed a synagogue window and left a Palestine flag and a pro-jihad sign inside.

The establishment media has – true to form – ignored the fact, but Hamas’ recent aggression against the state of Israel has led to an ugly outbreak of violent Jew-hatred within the United States. It has all been committed by leftists and their Islamic allies. What we are seeing in the increasing violence against Jews in the U.S. is that when the left claims that “right-wing” rhetoric leads to violence, they’re once again accusing their enemies of what they themselves are guilty of doing.

For years now, we have seen leftists legitimize violence against those whom they hate. Remember Kathy Griffin holding a mockup of Trump’s severed head. Remember Madonna saying: “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House.” Remember failed CNN host and cannibal Reza Aslan’s infamous rant of August 2019, calling for the genocide of supporters of the former president of the United States: “The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters – ALL OF THEM – are by definition white nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.” Then there were the calls for violence from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Ayanna Pressley, and Kamala Harris.

The media has done nothing to calm the situation. Just the opposite. Last week, a Muslim CNN reporter, Adeel Raja, tweeted: “The world today needs a Hitler.” CNN let him go, but he had been with them for eight years. How much did his vicious Jew-hatred color his reporting?

The situation is the same among the Palestinian Arabs. On July 12, 2019, a member of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Fathi Hammad, delivered an impassioned speech in which he declared: “Enough warming up… We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them.” Hammad called upon Palestinians to buy knives, which he said could be had for five shekels (about $1.50), to kill Jews. He also said: “We will die while exploding and cutting the necks and legs of the Jews. We will lacerate them and tear them to pieces, Allah willing!”

On May 7, 2021, Hammad said it again: “People of Jerusalem, we want you to cut off the heads of the Jews with knives. With your hand, cut their artery from here. A knife costs five shekels. Buy a knife, sharpen it, put it there, and just cut off [their heads]. It costs just five shekels. With those five shekels, you will humiliate the Jewish state.” Then he added a quotation from the Qur’an: “‘You shall find the strongest in enmity towards the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists [5:82].’” Hammad declared: “The Jews have spread corruption and acted with arrogance, and their moment of reckoning has come. The moment of destruction at your hands has arrived.”

When he first called for Muslims to stab random Jews, Hammad added: “They think that we are rational people. Well, we aren’t. The people of Gaza are not rational.”

Yeah. And that irrationality has now spread all over the world. The international left, having aligned with the jihad force, is not going to stop these attacks on Jews. Lord knows Joe Biden isn’t going to say a word about them, and the FBI is too busy investigating the fictional insurrection of January 6 to take any notice. What we are seeing is the outcome of the left’s persistently violent rhetoric. And we will see much more of it, all over the nation.


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EDITORS NOTE: This Geller Report column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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  1. Royal Brown III
    Royal Brown III says:

    So the question is – why do 65% of American Jews continue to vote for socialist, leftist Democrats like Obama, Andrew Gillum and Biden?

      • Bruce
        Bruce says:

        NO, it’s because they don’t believe in the God of Abraham, Athiest don’t believe in Abraham’s God, Buddhist don’t either, and many others ! The Real reason we see this evil, is mankind’s SINFUL NATURE, the wickedness in the heart of ALL mankind ! Muslims will Attack, Kill, and behead ANYONE who are NOT Muslim, and Their History does Testify against them ! Islam is just another of Satan’s religion, which lead lost sinners away from the TRUTH of GOD’S Christ, His annointed His Only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of sinners like me 👋😏


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