Biden Wants Us to Watch Out for White Guys – No, Not Antifa

My latest in PJ Media:

Speaking in Tulsa this afternoon, Old White Joe declared: “Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.” You know what they say about the Big Lie: it gains acceptance through relentless repetition. That’s certainly what’s happening with the claim that “white supremacy” is the biggest terror threat the nation faces today.

A bit of reality: It wasn’t “white supremacists” who rioted all last summer in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Wisconsin, New York, Atlanta, Washington, DC, and numerous other cities that I have already forgotten, and who are still at it in Portland, and casting a long shadow over the entire nation, with the strong hint that violence will ensue after any racial injustice, however exaggerated, misrepresented, or fabricated. The ones casting that long shadow are not “white supremacists” but Leftists: antifa and Black Lives Matter.

When Biden talks about “white supremacy,” what he really means are ordinary citizens who oppose the dominant political philosophy. Lies like what Biden is spreading here are in service of solidifying the hegemony of that philosophy.

Whoever wrote this arrant and divisive agitprop for Biden is echoing a common line on the Left these days. Former New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton told Shepard Smith recently that “for the last 20 years our biggest concern was international terrorism — ISIS, Al Qaeda,” but “now it’s here and it’s us, and it’s the citizens of the United States, some of whom are rebelling against everything we thought we believed in for the last 300 to 400 years.” (Apparently Bratton subscribes to the 1619 Project, which dates America’s founding not from 1776, but from 1619, so as to add on 150 extra years of slavery and oppression.)

Former FBI director James Comey has also repeated this nonsense. Asked by a British broadcaster if he thought “far-right extremism in the US” was “a greater danger to the country than Islamist terrorism,” Comey answered in the affirmative, and added: “The threat has slowly risen as Donald Trump and those around him have withdrawn the control rods. America has always had a radioactive stew of racist conspiracy-minded misogynist people oriented towards violence. We’ve always had that in this country. But we’ve managed over generations to contain it inside a containment building as you would with a nuclear waste pile and put control rods down into it which were cultural. And that calmed the radiation. And over the last five years Donald Trump and those around him have pulled the rods out with signals and dog whistles and sometimes explicitly.”

A former Homeland Security Department counterterrorism official, Nate Snyder, likewise also affirmed that the biggest terror threat the nation faces today comes from “violent white supremacists, neo-Nazis, sovereign citizens, militia movements.”

Yeah, sure, Nate. We remember “white supremacists” rioting and burning down cities all over the country. We remember all those “white supremacist” terror attacks.

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