North Carolina County REMOVES, BANS WOKE-COKE Machines Over Company’s Left-Wing Oppression

Brilliant. I was breastfed on Diet Coke but I am a Diet Pepsi girl now.

NC County Removes and Bans Woke Coke Machines Over Company’s Left-Wing Policies

A county in North Carolina has banned Coke machines in its offices because of Coke’s anti-American, woke politics

By: Warner Todd Huston, June 4, 2021:

A county in North Carolina has banned Coke machines in its offices because of the anti-American, woke politics that the company has been pushing.

Surry County commissioner Eddie Harris readily agreed that he and his allies are using Coke’s cancel culture tactics against the soda company.

“Yes, we are trying to cancel Coca-Cola. To use their tactics against them,” Harris said

Harris’ ban passed on a 3-2 vote, with two commissioners opposed, according to WRAL.

Coke, of course, has made itself notorious by forcing extremist, left-wing, anti-white policies on its employees and for making loud announcements in support of hardcore, woke ideals.

But Coke began to get just a hint of the backlash coming its way a month ago and suddenly announced that it was pulling back a bit on its extreme, left-wing social agenda.

Commissioner Harris is not the first politician to announce a reply to woke Coke. Republicans in Georgia also said they want to ban Coke over its anti-American policies.

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