Are YOU the One?

These truths below are designed to hit home and make you wake up to the true threats facing our constitutional republic today.

“The only way we will save our country and our freedoms is to fight the violence of lies with our clenched fists of truth.”

Should that fail remember Thomas Jefferson’s words “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Calling all American Patriots.

I understand that some of you are fearful of opposing the steamrolling forces of our freedoms and liberties coming from the extremist Democrat Socialist Party and their henchmen, led by the MSM and domestic terror groups like BLM and ANTIFA.

You are fearful to lose your jobs for standing up and protesting the wrongs being committed by the above mentioned Socialist Democrats. You are maybe even fearful of losing your liberty or families. Maybe even your life. Maybe your social standing. Your fame and fortune.

You are fearful to be labeled by them as racist, as homophobes, as anti Islamist, as right wing supremacists or bigots or even, woe betide, letting them know you voted for President Trump!( Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me. )

You are fearful to declare your religious Christian beliefs or that you oppose the mass genocide called abortion. You are fearful to let it be known you support the 2nd Amendment or in fact any of the Amendments.

You are fearful to disclose your beliefs that the whole LGBTQI lifestyle is immoral and offensive to you and your religious beliefs. That gay couples should not have and raise kids. That young kids shouldn’t be taught about that whole lifestyle choice and forced to accept it as normal. That same sex marriage is wrong. That not one solitary openly transgender individual should darken the doors of any recruitment center of any branch of our military. That churches that preach inclusion and social justice, gay lifestyles and other extremist philosophies are preaching anything other than true doctrine but are doing the work of the Devil.

The above has all occurred over the last at least 5 decades because we allowed it to.

Plain and simple.

We have allowed more and more radical and progressive thinking to seep into every aspect of our lives from schools, language, music, health, work, play and travel.

We have slept while the domestic terrorists from the above named party have made massive inroads into education, taxes, firearm regulations, freedoms to move, liberties to travel, courts, military, law enforcement and into the censorship of everything that goes against the extremist leftist policies.

We have turned a blind eye to blatant criminal acts performed by leadership from both parties. Handcuffs should have been the new fashion accessory of the left along with long stints in small prison cells on a diet of bread and water while some should be executed.

We have not tried to stop any of it. We just became social media warriors, writing fervently on our tablets and phones venting our frustrations to people who had your same beliefs.

It changed nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

It just allowed the enemy to continue their by now not so subtle and stealth full attacks on us and our Constitutional Republic.

When one man stood up we applauded and whooped and hollered and again watched as he fought a fight against what we have called the swamp. A group of globalists and anti Americans from both parties. He was alone and came under the constant attack of republicans and democrats. His character was besmirched. They tried and are still trying to destroy him and his family and all their lives.

We watched as an election was stolen in front of our eyes. Blatantly stolen. They didn’t even care to pretend to hide it. They are all free sucking on the bountiful teats of the American taxpayer.

We are watching as these Commies are destroying our country.

Sure, we still write our social media blogs and talk to our fellow believers. This is not doing anything apart from buying time for our enemies. You know, the domestic enemies within? Everyday gives them 24 more uninterrupted hours to push their agenda and make the changes needed to complete the fundamental changes that will ensure no return to the America we love.

Most other countries would be on fire now. Protests daily. Tax strikes. Boycotts of all the corporations that became enablers for this treason by the left. Millions would be matching. Cities would be closed down.

Only then and only after that real awakening will there be the change needed to save our Constitutional Republic plus the added bonus of seeing just who everyone and where every organization stands. We will see that police, military and 75,000,000 plus Americans can and must unite and make the needed changes to save America. After all, the police and military, presently serving or retired, swore an Oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic.

Remember. Oaths do not come with an expiration date.

Yes, the leaders of that movement will be attacked. Their reputations will be destroyed by lies and more by the left and their media buddies. They will be gone after and constantly attacked just as President Trump was daily.

We need that person. Another person like Lech Walesa of Poland. Like the Chinese student bravely facing down a military tank in Tiananmen Square.

We need a spark.

We need to change the status quo in DC and politics in general. We need to stand firm as our forefathers did against the tyranny that they faced. Today the tyranny we face is as bad and dangerous but we are or should be better prepared and wiser and able to take it all. Those domestic enemies must pay for their crimes and high treason regardless of which party they affiliate to. It is time America.

It is time. If not for us then our kids and their kids! Let’s leave them a country better than the one we inherited. Let’s make America Great Again. Let’s put America First. Let’s be proud Americans.

Are we domestic pussy cats or lions?

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson

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