Phantom Voters, Election Integrity and Amazon Spying on You!

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK to canvass for Election Integrity! We have discovered millions of PHANTOM VOTERS across this country who not only voted in the last election, but some are also receiving STATE AND FEDERAL BENEFITS – yes your tax dollars are going who knows where…Let’s locate and expose all these phantoms and get them off our voter rolls!!

Please use this LINK to provide your contact information and location so that we can connect you with the right team.

Details will be given via text and email.

Thank you for stepping up and participating in Election Integrity!


National Election Integrity News

Pennsylvania and Georgia audits projected to begin in July. Those states as well as Nevada have toured Arizona audit facility with impressive references with regard to audit protocol.

Colorado Cleaning Voter Rolls.  The US Election Integrity Project are isolating data indicating fraudulently-registered voters.

Michigan:  A team in Michigan has been investigating and has found multiple jurisdictions in Michigan that had more registered voters in a locality, than adult residents.  This is an interesting development, and I encourage you to check your locality to see whether you have more registered voters than resident adults.

Citizens Initiatives.  Michigan has constitutional provisions that allow its citizens to play a larger role in passing statutes (without the governor’s approval), than many other states.  Article XII § 9 of the Michigan Constitution allows for these citizen petitions.

Colorado Elections Omnibus.  Colorado is working to pass an elections overhaul omnibus that includes many items that will make elections with integrity more difficult.  This includes effectively eliminating challenges to fraudulent ballots, and taking away the citizen’s ability to recall its leaders.

Texas Legislation.  Texas Senate passed SB7 — it’s omnibus election reform bill.

 Wisconsin Speaker Appoints Election Fraud Investigators.  Assembly Speaker Robin Vos hired an attorney and three retired investigators on behalf of Wisconsin Voters, to investigate the 2020 election.  They will be investigating the $6M given to the Wisconsin 5 from Zuckerberg-funded CTCL.  The investigators may also look into double-voting, and ballot curing by certain clerks.

Wisconsin Big Five Lawsuit.  Phill, Amistad and Wisconsin Voter Alliance filed the fifth lawsuit regarding Wisconsin’s big five cities allowing their elections to be run by outside left-leaning 501(c)’s.

 Fulton County, GA Audit Lawsuit.  Garland Favorito and Voter GA were supposed to be allowed to look at five pallets of absentee ballots in Atlanta last week.  The ballots were scanned at 200 DPI (Dots Per Inch), which wasn’t a high enough resolution for experts to make any determination.  So the judge was going to allow a re-scan at 600 DPI — a much higher resolution.  Unfortunately, on Wednesday, Fulton County attorneys filed a renewed motion to dismiss the case and prevent the audit from taking place.  Fulton is arguing that the plaintiffs haven’t complied with election contest legal requirements, and again asking for the case to be dismissed.

  Windham, New Hampshire Audit.  The most recent Windham, New Hampshire audit has come to an end on-site.  The audit team now has 45 days to issue its written report.  Remember a republican House candidate’s lead increased significantly after a hand recount of the November election results.  This led to the small town demanding an audit of the results that were off by hundreds of votes in favor of the democrat candidate.  Here are a few of the findings:

  • The most recent hand-count confirmed the first hand-count.  Meaning the hand-counts were accurate.
  • One of the three chosen auditors was Harri Hursti.  Hursti seems to believe that some of the votes counted for the democrat are because of where the ballots were folded, the machine interpreted folds on the democrat’s name, as filled in bubbles for the democrat candidate. Hursti also found that dust in the machines could have contributed to the machines miscounting…..
  • A Windham Selectmen and his supporters are still unsatisfied with the results of the audit.  He wants to know why the machines weren’t cleaned if this leads to the miscounting of votes.

 Maricopa County, Arizona Audit.  The Arizona Senate has increased its lease of the arena through the end of June.  The media onslaught mocking the audit is reaching a fever pitch.  They are now producing polls showing that a majority of Arizona residents oppose the audit.  With non-stop anti-audit coverage, the polls aren’t surprising. AZCentral is reporting that the Arizona Senate has now contracted with a California-based group called Citizens Oversight that will evaluate ballot images, on top of the Cyber Ninjas audit currently taking place.  As details come out, we will seek to update on this important audit.

Nevada Senate Votes to Codify Ballot Harvesting.  The Nevada Senate voted for Assembly Bill 321 that would legalize ballot harvesting, and all other COVID-related changes.  This is a very bad bill.  Here are some of the items it contains.
  • Ballot Harvesting: “at the request of a voter whose mail ballot has been prepared by or on behalf of the voter, a person authorized by the voter may return the mail ballot on behalf of the voter by mail or personal delivery to the county clerk, or any ballot drop box established in the county, pursuant to section of this act.” (Sec. 9.1)
  • Universal Mail-in balloting: “the county clerk shall prepare and distribute to each active registered voter in the county and each person who registers to vote or updates his or her voter registration information not later than the 14 days before the election a mail ballot for every election.” (Sec. 3.1)
  • Discourages Accountability: “a person shall not willfully: (a) Impede, obstruct, prevent or interfere with the return of a voter’s mail ballot; (b) Deny a voter the right to return the voter’s mail ballot; or (c)If the person receives the voter’s mail ballot and authorization to return the mail ballot on behalf of the voter by mail or personal delivery, fail to return the mail ballot” …. In other words, you can’t challenge ballots going into a drop box.  (Sec. 9). 
  • Signature Comparison: A clerk’s office can’t deny that a signature matches, unless:
    • The signature is compared to EVERY signature on file for that voter — past and present; AND — TWO employees agree the signatures don’t match; 
    • What cannot be used as grounds for denial of a signature that doesn’t match? Change of initials, last name, change in punctuation, abbreviations, use of nicknames, or “slight dissimilarities”….
  • Partisan Absentee Counting Board.  The clerk appoints a central absentee counting board, and board members can’t all be of one political party but there is no requirement for any sort of parity.  There is no number limit, and this seems to be within discretion of the clerk.  It appears that appointing a board of 9 democrats and 1 green party representative would fulfill the requirements of the board under the statute. There is no language about appointing a person from the “two major political parties” or from “both parties appearing on the ballot.”  (Sec. 12)
  • Counting Votes Weeks Before the Election.  The absent Counting Board must count all mail-in ballots 15 days before the election and be completed with this counting 7 days before the election. (Sec. 13).
  • Centralized Election Tabulating.  The absentee count must be reported to the clerk for each precinct.  The clerk then notifies each precinct of these numbers, and the precinct adds them together.  In other words, the local precinct has no control over the mail-in numbers given to them by the partisan absentee counting board. (Sec. 15).


Listen to General Michael Flynn and Patrick Byrne talk about The America Project.

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On June 8, Amazon will activate Amazon Sidewalk, a mass wireless sharing network. Users of all Amazon smart devices will be automatically enrolled, without consent, unless they opt out by disabling the network settings. The Amazon Sidewalk network will allow shared internet use up to within about a half-mile radius of the Amazon device. In effect, this network is part of the creation of “smart cities.” Amazon Sidewalk includes a “Community Finding” feature that allows people outside of your home to connect with Amazon’s servers through your Alexa, Echo, Ring and related smart devices.

Violation of privacy, personal data and safety

Most people have no idea the network will be activated on June 8, or that they will be automatically connected without consent. Even fewer understand the full implications. Being part of the Amazon “smart” networks increases the chances devices and information will be hacked, as “smart” wireless devices are prone to hacking. Amazon has been sued by Ring users whose devices were hacked — some received ransom demands.

How to opt out and disable settings 

Anyone who doesn’t want to be automatically enrolled in Amazon Sidewalk on June 8 can opt out by disabling the network on their Amazon devices. Here’s how:

Open the Alexa app:

  1. Open “more” and select “settings.”
  2. Select “account settings.”
  3. Select “Amazon Sidewalk.”
  4. Turn Amazon Sidewalk “off.”

Customers with Echo devices can update their Amazon Sidewalk preferences anytime from “settings” in the Alexa app. If users have linked Ring and Amazon accounts, their Sidewalk preferences on either the Alexa or Ring app will apply to eligible Echo and Ring devices.

Amazon is banking on millions of customers who aren’t aware of this upcoming activation on June 8. Share this information, including the health risks and violation of privacy and safety online, with your neighbors, family and friends. Encourage them to opt out and to share this article.

Full Article: 

COVID “Vaccine” – Tell the FDA to STOP BIG Pharma from Killing us!

WE the PEOPLE need to enter our comments in the government FDA site. Unfortunately, as of now there are more comments in favor of the COVID injections than those calling for caution, asking for further studies and time to prove safety. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

We now have 5,165 DEATHS reported from these injections. NEVER in our history have we allowed this many deaths ( not counting injuries) to continued be pushed to our population, let alone those who are pregnant and children as well.

Click this link to add your comment: Please type in your comment asking that the Food and Drug Administration not approve the experimental injection that is causing so many deaths. After typing your comment, click the drop down arrow to choose a “Comment Category” and select “Drug Association D0012”

Enter your information and be sure to SUBMIT your comment.

This is the SFE’s link along with the agenda: 

I hope to see you there!

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