Kamala Starting To Crack

It seems Kamala’s perpetual smile and giddy laughter is becoming less and less these days.  Maybe it was those Guatemalan’s holding banners saying , Trump won, go home.  I’m not even sure this is true, seeing as though there was no mention of that in your paper.  So, I’m assuming it never happened , seeing that I know you demand integrity and diligence  from your staff.

Maybe, it the question she hears everywhere she go these days……when are you going to visit the border?  The radical right has been relentless on this coverage.

Stating that Heels Harris had no problem visiting the border when President Trump was in office.  Her outrage of the deplorable conditions down there was great theatre. Showing pictures of “children in cages”.  Those cages that were instituted under Barack Hussein Obama, by the way.  I tried to reach out to Barack, but he was at his second home, the 29 acre estate on Martha’s Vineyard.  The cages  she now calls “children’s holding facilities”.  Her vernacular seems to change……..seeing that it is now a reflection of HER administration now.

The radical right keeps playing her little hissy fit, where she says, she has never been to Europe either!  I’m not really sure what that was supposed to mean?  Anyway, you didn’t mention a word of it, so it must not be relevant.  I know you would have given the same consideration to President Trump.  I always say ,under your personal leadership your reporters are always fair, unbiased, and apolitical.

They keep commenting that this installed administration is inept.  They say it’s a toss up on who is more incompetent, Kamala who is in way over her head, or cognitively challenged Joey.  They point to the blatant hypocrisy, double standards and outright lies being proliferated by the soulless left wing media.

I just worry that that effervescent smile and schoolyard girl giggle will disappear.  Maybe a quest spot on the View with the lovely and talented Joy Behar. (Just leave out the part where Joy dressed in blackface).  Or possibly a guest spot with everyone’s favorite Ellen. Maybe they could rehash their President Trump death joke, that is always a crowd pleaser. They better hurry though Ellen will be signing off soon.  Oh ,those pesky complaints of a toxic work environment.  Maybe her staff could go to work for Andy Cuomo, I understand he is a joy to work with.

Speaking of Andy there Deano, when is The Old Gray Lady going to come out and endorse Old Andy.  Why the hold up?

Thank you for all you do, to report the news that is fit to print.  You are a guiding light for our children, in regards to honestly and fair play.   When are you heading out to the new digs around Los Angeles.  Nice to soak up some sun, in that 2.1 million dollar estate. See honest hard work still pays off.  Kudos.

©Political Satire by Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

NOT POLITICAL SATIRE VIDEO: Kamala Cackles About Not Visiting Border.

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