WATCH: Facebook Insider Morgan Kahmann Joins Candace Owens to Discuss Decision to Come Forward to Veritas

Brave Insider Morgan Kahmann was graciously invited onto Candace Owens’ new Daily Wire show this week, where they discussed Facebook’s “vaccine hesitancy” documents and what compelled him to come to Project Veritas.

You can watch the interview here:

It’s powerful to see how selfless Morgan was by sacrificing his job for the public’s right to know — and Candace was a fantastic host, as always.

What makes all of this even more incredible is that because of people like you, Rich, Morgan was able to hit his $500,000 fundraising goal in just 10 DAYS!

I want to personally thank the GiveSendGo team for working tirelessly to ensure this brave patriot was supported by the public.

This impressive achievement sends a message to all potential Insiders out there that the American people have their back.

Project Veritas encourages more people like Morgan Kahmann to come forward if they see wrongdoing taking place.

You can reply directly to this email with any tips that you think our team should pursue, or you can also send a secure message to

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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