WATCH: Anti-Jew Ilhan Omar Defended By Corrupt Pelosi

The Democrat party is disturbingly consistent in its anti-Jewish, pro-jihad stance. Watch:

WATCH: ‘Omar Has a Point She Wants to Make,’ Says Pelosi Defending Anti-Israel Lawmaker

By: United With Israel, June 13, 2021:

Nancy Pelosi definitely rejected calls for additional actions to be taken against Ilhan Omar, who recently compared Israel and the U.S. to the Hamas and Taliban terror groups.

“Nancy Pelosi was asked POINT BLANK if actions should be taken against Ilhan Omar,” reported The Hill.

The House Speaker’s response that no actions should be taken against the anti-Israel lawmaker is shocking in light of the fact that Omar recently compared the Jewish state and the U.S. to the Hamas and Taliban terror groups.

In addition to immigration fraud accusations and campaign finance scandals, Omar has also battled claims that she promotes anti-Semitism. Apparently, Pelosi does not agree.

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